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Advanced Materials Chemistry

Cone Calorimeter testing a polymer material.

Enabling new materials by connecting chemical structure to end use properties

Our Advanced Materials Chemistry research scientists are experts on chemical structure-property relationships that can be used to develop new materials with advanced thermal, mechanical and electrical properties. This includes a deep understanding of how chemistry affects processing and manufacturing of materials as well. Our researchers understand inorganic, organic, and polymer chemistry, and can combine these fields of chemistry toward materials science goals. We enable the connection between material chemistry and its properties. Simply put, we can tell you why a material behaves the way it does, and why it can or cannot be used in a particular application. We support the advancement and transition of new materials to existing and new applications, but also can help internal and external customers with existing materials as well. Our knowledge, expertise, and testing capabilities ensure that materials chosen for an application will perform as advertised, and will also identify the limits of those materials to help customers ensure safe and effective use of their products.

Our experts have deep knowledge in polymer composite chemistry, processing, and materials science, including experience with composite durability and how composites interact with aerospace conditions, including maintenance (such as chemical depaint). This experience covers both research & development as well as testing & evaluation, with strong experience in developing test plans that can align with available budgets.

UDRI has unique capabilities in material flammability and fire safety science, with over 28 years of experience in connecting material chemistry to end-use regulatory fire safety requirements. This includes a fire testing lab with bench-scale fire testing equipment that is covered under an ISO9001 Certified quality system.


  • Material flammability and fire testing - standard and non-standard
  • Polymer Chemistry Subject Matter Expertise and Consulting
  • Polymer Composite Processing Guidance and Experimental Design
  • Thermal Analysis of Polymers
  • Identification of Materials for Specific Applications
  • High Temperature Materials Design and Thermal Protection Systems

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Top: Cone Calorimeter testing a polymer material.


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