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Faculty Development Grants and Awards

Faculty Development Grants and Awards

The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center offers grant opportunities for faculty development and facilitates awards for faculty achievement.  We are happy to collaborate with faculty seeking to develop proposals or to conduct research linked to improving learning and teaching.

Information about the awards and past recipients is available on Porches.

LTC Innovation Grants

For details on the CAP Crossing Boundaries Grant opportunities call 229-4898

University Award for Faculty Scholarship

Dr. Simanti Dasgupta, Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Work

Simanti Dasgupta has made significant contributions to anthropology and related disciplines. As a postcolonial scholar whose work is based in India, she examines how current neoliberal changes are impacting marginalized communities. She is currently working on her second book manuscript that examines a sex work movement at the intersection of HIV/AIDS and anti-trafficking regimes.

University Award for Faculty Teaching

Dr. Neomi DeAnda, Religious Studies

Neomi DeAnda has integrated pedagogical methods outside of her discipline, such as Theater of the Oppressed, and has made it possible for Religious Studies undergraduate majors and graduate Theology students to present at conferences. She has driven students to Chicago for a poster session presentation with a small stop at the Catholic Theological Union, so they could meet additional theological faculty and explore the various programs offered. Her transdisciplinary work includes facilitating interactive, student-focused, digital humanities projects.

University Award for Faculty Service

Dr. Ryan W. McEwan, Biology

Ryan McEwan’s service to UD includes transforming the Environmental Biology program, developing a new Environmental Research Area at Old River Park, the development of Sustainability Curriculum and incorporating the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals into the Stander Symposium.