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The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center offers grant opportunities for faculty development and facilitates awards for faculty achievement.  We are happy to collaborate with faculty seeking to develop proposals or to conduct research linked to improving learning and teaching.

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Dr. Julius Amin, 2017 Recipient of the Faculty Award for Scholarship

Dr. Julius Amin

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Dr. Julius Amin has been an outstanding and highly productive faculty member in the Department of History since graduating in 1988 from Texas Tech University with a PhD in History and joining the University of Dayton in 1989.  Professor Amin is a former Chair of the Department of History for eight years from 2004 to 2012 who in 2002 co-founded and continues to coordinate the Africana Studies minor at UD. He was honored in 2015 with the College of Arts and Sciences Scholarship award. 

At UD, Dr. Amin is a valued and trusted scholar, teacher and mentor, whose nominator noted that he is recognized in "traditional scholarly fields and in the wider community." His influences include contributions to US history, African history, and African-American history. Julius has led student abroad immersions in Cameroon delving into the study of youth culture in postcolonial Africa. His work challenged the Peace Corps in Africa to rethink its development strategy, and paved the way for a new scholarly interpretation of the Peace Corps. He has also participated in the Global Education Seminar in South America, and his scholarly work on cross-cultural experience led one reviewer to note: “The forthrightness with which Amin discussed the strengths and shortcomings of the immersion program is as commendable as it is insightful.” Dr. Amin encourages conversations on "difficult" topics which resulted in his developing and implementing the first ever Race Symposium on UD's campus. His extensive service has included involvement in countless committees including his active involvement in the Black Faculty Association. 

Julius Amin's scholarship, publications and service activities address race relations, social justice, globalization and are centered on UD's Marianist Education Tradition that promotes respect for human dignity and educates students for "service, justice, and peace." His article “No easy walk to freedom: MLK’s anti-racism crusade needs to be renewed in today’s world,” originally published in The Conversation in honor of the 2016 MLK Holiday was also picked up by Newsweek and Salon. Dr. Amin was the 2016 Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. luncheon keynote speaker.



Dr. William Trollinger, 2017 Recipient of Faculty Award for Teaching

Dr. Bill Trollinger

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For two decades Dr. William Trollinger has taught with distinction in the departments of History and Religious Studies.  In 1984 Professor Trollinger earned his PhD in History from University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is currently Director of the Core Integrated Studies Program.   His teaching reflects integrative and interdisciplinary approaches.  He encourages his students to read and think widely and to connect their learning across disciplines.  Bill is a model scholar-teacher; his scholarship both informs and grows out of his teaching.   A notable example is a course that Bill offered on the History of Religion in America that focused on Dayton.  He collaborated with his students on a pamphlet about a KKK campaign against Dayton Catholics in the 1920s; this later grew into an award-winning article in American Catholic Studies.   Bill excels at graduate as well as undergraduate teaching.  He has mentored seminar students in producing articles and has directed and is directing several successful dissertations. 

Beyond the classroom, Bill has advised many students.  He has participated in numerous presentations and teach-ins that address such varied topics as the Iraq war, racism, capital punishment, vocation, and Catholicism.  He has developed workshops for faculty on multidisciplinary teaching approaches based on his own experiences in the Core Program.  Bill has served as director of Graduate Studies in the Religious Studies Department and as Humanities Commons Coordinator. All of Bill Trollinger's teaching and related activities are centered on mission: integrating faith and reason, social justice, and developing the whole person.

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