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"The most valuable and beneficial thing about my experience with peer-tutoring was having another approach to learning, other than the way my professor taught me. They not only taught me the subject, but they also taught me about being a college student, which I think was more helpful than anything. There was definitely a direct trend between tutoring and my grades!"  - A CHM 123 and MTH 149 Student

 The Office of Learning Resources' Tutoring service is certified by the College Reading & Learning Association (CRLA), which recognizes that our Tutors are trained to an internationally accepted superior standard. 

  • Tutoring is included with your tuition.
  • To be eligible for tutoring in a particular course, you must be enrolled in that course.
  • To view the list of supported courses click here.

Student Athletes

All current student athletes have the ability to schedule Tutoring by Appointment. Approvals for these requests are determined by the Office of Academic Services for Student Athletes (OASSA). Qualified students are permitted to schedule appointments outside designated times to accommodate time conflicts but must meet with Tutors in public areas designated by OASSA.



Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302