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Laptop Set Up and Back Up for Law Students

Law Students: Setting Up Your Laptop

Windows Recommended Configuration


  • Intel I3 or greater processor; AMD Ryzen 3 or greater processor
  • 8GB memory (RAM)
  • 128 or higher GB Hard Drive (solid state recommended)
  • Wireless 802.11 N/AC network capability
  • Chromebooks are not recommended


  • Supported operating system is Windows 10 Professional (Home is not supported)
  • Education version is available for free at UD's software site
  • Register and install Microsoft Office 365 and other essential software from UD's software site
  • Install Adobe Reader

Apple Recommended Configuration


  • Intel I3 processor or better
  • 8GB or more recommended
  • 128GB hard drive (solid state recommended) or larger
  • Wireless 802.11 N/AC network capability


  • Catalina 10.15 is preferred
  • Install Microsoft Office 365 from UD's software site
  • Install Adobe Reader
  • Run System updates.
  • No version of Mac OS prior to High Sierra (10.13) is supported

An Internet connection from home is the student’s responsibility


Linux is not supported

Backing Up Your Data

You are responsible for the information on your computer. To ensure that your data is not lost in the event of a hard drive crash or virus infection, you should backup your files on a regular basis. There are several ways that you can can accomplish this:

  • Save your information on a USB or external hard drive.
  • Use the backup utility that your operating system provides. Both Windows 10 Backup and Mac OS X Time Machine are excellent utilities.
  • Cloud storage using your UD Box account, Google Drive or iCloud. It is not recommended that you save personal information in the "Cloud" that includes Social Security numbers, usernames, passwords or bank account numbers.
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