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Orientation - Fall 2019

Welcome to the University of Dayton School of Law!

The purpose of orientation is to prepare incoming students for the rigorous study of law and to introduce them to the values and professional norms of the Dayton Law community and the legal profession. The newsletter below will provide you with the information you will need to prepare for orientation.

From the Desk of Shannon R. Penn, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs & Registrar

Congratulations on your decision to attend the University of Dayton School of Law. As the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, I am honored to be part of your journey toward earning a law degree and entering the practice of law.

About the Office of Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is responsible for virtually all matters involving the quality of student life at Dayton Law. Our office works collaboratively with faculty and administrators to ensure that our students thrive - personally and academically - in a supportive and inclusive law school community. Our goal is to maintain an approachable, confidential office that exists primarily to support students in identifying resources to maximize the quality of their law school experience. If you are not sure where to go for a quick question, or even more serious concern, please make my office your first stop. The Office is located in the Dean's Suite in Room 203. Once the semester begins, you may contact my assistant Ms. Lee Ann Ross or me with any questions. The Office telephone number is (937) 229-3793 or you may email her at We are excited to welcome you to the Dayton Law Community!

About Orientation

Students at tables with the view from aboveOrientation will take place at Dayton Law from Monday, August 19-Friday, August 23, 2019. Orientation will introduce you to the high academic and professional standards we expect in the Dayton Law community. Orientation will also provide you the opportunity to meet and interact with your future classmates who will travel with you on this professional journey, as well as to meet the faculty and staff who will guide you. You are required to attend all orientation sessions, unless otherwise noted.


Orientation Assignment

Hi, Future Lawyers,

To maximize our time together during Orientation, read the case, Garratt v. Daily, and be prepared to discuss the facts of the case, the legal rule at issue, the procedural posture, and outcome. We will be meeting on Monday, August 19, at 3:10 p.m. See you then!

Kind regards,

Prof. Craine (

Learning Communities/Dean's Fellows

Two Dean's Fellows at tableThe Learning Community is a first semester required course for all incoming law students that will assist you with the foundational skills necessary for success. Each Learning Community consists of Dean’s Fellows, who are upper-level students that are selected based on their academic achievement, commitment to the Dayton Law community, aptitude for expert learning strategies and interest in education. They work closely with the Academic Success department and the first year doctrinal professors to assist students in developing effective strategies to maximize the opportunity for academic success. You will meet your Dean’s Fellow during Orientation and they will work with you throughout your first year.

Understanding the Professional Expectations for Aspiring Lawyers

Professionalism and Ethics

Law students, as aspirants to membership in the legal profession, should conduct themselves in accordance with the ethical and professional norms of that profession. Thus, the School of Law expects its students to display the same high level of honesty, ethical conduct, and professional decorum expected of members of the practicing bar.

- Excerpt from the UDSL Policy on Ethics

Students taking oathDuring orientation, you will be introduced to the values, professional norms and ethical obligations expected of you as a member of the Dayton Law community and as an aspirant member of the legal profession. 

The first day of orientation will culminate with you and your classmates taking an Oath of Professionalism. To give you an idea of some concepts you should consider as you think about taking this oath, read "Professionalism: It's No Joke" by Charles E. McCallum.

As you prepare to become a member of the Dayton Law community, you should also familiarize yourself with the Student Policy Manual and carefully read the School of Law Honor Code prior to orientation. You will sign the Honor Code Acknowledgment Form during orientation, certifying that you have read the Honor Code and agree to be bound by the terms of the Honor Code while a student at Dayton Law. A copy of the Honor Code Acknowledgement Form with your signature will be maintained in your permanent student file.

Attire for Law School Orientation Events

Students on stairsDuring orientation, you will attend numerous events that will vary in their degrees of formality. You will meet your future classmates, professors, as well as members of the local bench and bar. While we do not have a mandatory dress code at the Law School, we expect you to dress in a manner appropriate for professional students aspiring to become lawyers. 

We request that you dress in professional courtroom attire for the Oath of Professionalism Ceremony and your class picture on Monday, August 19. Men should wear a business suit, or slacks with a button down shirt, blazer and tie. Women should wear dresses, or a business suit (pantsuit or skirt suit), or business separates with a jacket. 

For all other days, the recommended dress is business casual attire. On the last day of Orientation, you will have the opportunity to wear comfortable clothing, since this day will consist of a tour or pro bono opportunity.


Oath of Professionalism and Reception
Monday, August 19, 7 p.m.

We invite your friends and family to witness you take the Oath of Professionalism, which will mark your official entry into the legal profession. The event will be live-streamed on the School of Law's Facebook page for family and friends who cannot attend.

Pro Bono Opportunity
Friday, August 23

Students can participate in this pro bono opportunity and receive hours that will go toward their pro bono distinction at graduation.

Other Information
Bookstore Hours

The bookstore is located in Marianist Hall on the main campus. I have included the link for you to peruse the hours as well as other merchandise that may be of interest to you:

Office of Student Affairs

Shannon Penn
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Registrar

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