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Family Profile

Family Profile

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Thank you for taking a moment to complete your family profile. Having accurate information for your family enables us to share direct communication about UD happenings on campus and throughout the country, and to connect you with the information, resources, and opportunities that will enhance your child’s UD experience. If you have questions about the information requested or our privacy standards, please contact Lori Hoagland in the Parent Engagement Office at

Student Information


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Relatives with a UD affiliation (ie: alumni, student, faculty, staff)

Relatives Who Attended UD

Please list all of the student's relatives (including immediate family) who currently attend or graduated from UD:

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Parent/Guardian Involvement Interest

Do you serve as a board member for a company, foundation or community organization that would be interested in connecting with the University of Dayton or our students? If so, please list these organizations and your roles. We will contact you directly to discuss possible opportunities.


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