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E-Learning Fellows

About the E-Learning Fellows Program


The E-Learning Fellows program will not run during the Spring 2024 semester. We hope to bring the program back in the future. 


Through face-to-face sessions and online meetings, a cohort of 12 faculty members will learn firsthand how to create and deliver high-quality online courses.  They will also be introduced to ways that online courses can be evaluated and improved through self-reflection and peer-review for both formative and summative purposes.  The program culminates with each participant developing a complete online course that meets uniform, high-quality standards and adds strategic value for the University.

Goals and Outcomes

Successful participants will gain firsthand experience in and/or understanding of:

  1. The strategic importance of distance learning
  2. Roles of online faculty (differentiation between design and delivery)
  3. Responsibilities in managing and leading online courses
  4. Unique needs of students in an online environment
  5. Importance of beginning class with minimal first-day problems
  6. Breaking course content and assessments into workable chunks and defining a course schedule
  7. Creating an online learning community
  8. Managing online course Web sites on a day-to-day basis
  9. Identifying the proper medium and tools to accomplish course tasks
  10. Assessing online student learning and providing feedback
  11. Assessing the quality of online courses (using rubrics such as Quality Matters)
  12. Building a course in Isidore ready for delivery

Graduates of the E-Learning Fellows Program

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Graduates of the ELF Program

2023 Cohort

2022 Cohort 

2021 Cohort

2020 Cohort

2019 Cohort

2018 Cohort

2017 Cohort

2016 Cohort

2015 Cohort

2014 Cohort

2013 Cohort

2012 Cohort

Cameron Blair

Kenneth Butler

Kaitlyn DeGhetto

Joshua Ambrosius

Nicky Adams

Angeline (LeeAnn) Sangalang

Kristen Comfort

Irene Dickey

Donna Beran

Mary Ellen Dillon

Paul Cooper

Trevor Collier

Dorian Borbonus

Ebony Davenport, Esq.

Deogratias Eustace

Judit Beagle

Brittany Beckner

Layla Kurt

Lindsay Gold

Jim Dunne

Maria Carmen Castro Garcia

Sean Gallivan

Steve Donaldson

Jeannette Cox

Daniel Cheung

Edward James Glayzer

Micheline Kidwell

Steve Bein

Andrew Chiasson

Caroline Merithew

Susan Gardstrom

Mary Grilliot

Donald Comfort

Xiaoli Li

Brad Duncan

Sue Davis

Ericka Curran

Mark Morgan 

Becky Krakowski

Jason Combs

Diana Cuy Castellanos

Alan Abitbol

JeeHee Han

Steve Hall

Donna Cox

Viorel Paslaru

Mike Elsass

Chuck Edmonson

James Hardman

Mahusudan Ojha

Li-Yin Liu

Lee Dixon

Megan Edmonds

Donald Quigley

Amy Krug

Mark Jacobs

Leah DeAloia

Danielle Poe

Daniel Figueroa

Scott Gold

Erica Hunter

Kirk Pirlo

Novea McIntosh

Miranda Hallett

Erin Gibbemeyer

Jennifer Dalton

Joel Pruce

Jay Janney

Kara Getrost

Ronda Scantlin

John Gentner

Michael Gorman

Melissa Layman-Guadalupe

Nicholas Rademacher

Rochonda Nenonene

Jennifer Ptacek

James Hiller

Van Tam Nguyen

Danny Robinson

Vince Lewis

Tracey Jaffe

Eric Street

Linda Hartley

Dennis Greene

Trisha Renner

Emma Su

Lis Regula

Dario Rodriguez

Haozhou Pu

Kelly Vibber

Mary-Kate Sableski

Leslie Mundew

Andrea Koziol

Susan Wawrose

Thaddeus Hoffmeister

Nancy Miller

Frazier Smith

Shannen Dee Williams

Cassandra Secrease

Kathleen Scheltens

Laura Sextro

Daniel Birdsong

Maria Teresa Tello Sanchez

Donald Wynn

Leslie Mundew

Robert Wilkens

Jefferson Ingram

Sheila Miller

Katerina Tsouma


Erick Vasquez

Ivan Sudakov

Laura Toomb

Elizabeth Rhoads

Teri Thompson

Andy Zavakos

Scott Segalewitz

Nicola Work

Kurt Jackson

Ed Mykytka

Marlon Williams


Michelle Yingling

Marguerite Wallace


David Long

Dan Zalewski

Trevor Collier

Samuel Wallace

Shuang-Ye Wu

Denise Platfoot-Lacey

Peter Powers

Vanessa Winn Julie Wolters Joni Baldwin Julie Zink

Geeta Shankar

Toby Rush

Peter Titlebaum

Albert Wang


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