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Safe Computing is Everybody's Business
This month, UDit launches "Safe Computing 2016" -- an awareness campaign for faculty, staff and students focusing on "cyber-mindfulness," -- our collective responsibility for protecting personal and UD resources. We will showcase cyber security tips and training opportunities on information security, with emphasis on social engineering. Learn how you can spot phishing, prevent malware, protect your devices, and much more. Safe Computing 2016 >>

Former Student Accounts: How Long Do They Last?
Graduating and former students often ask: "how long until I can't log into Porches?" and "do I still have access to my UD mail?". Unfortunately, due to licensing restrictions, we can only hold so many UD email accounts at one time. Thus, a short while after the beginning of the second semester after you leave UD, your UD Gmail account and shared drive data are deleted. Students are advised to prepare for leaving UD by forwarding contacts, emails and files to a non-UD account.

HBO GO Coming to Your Screen 2016!
In collaboration with Student Development & SGA, UDit hopes to enable HBO Go for viewing to all UD-residential students. The HBO contract restricts access to only UD-residential students. These residential students will be able to sign in from any network on or off campus during regular semesters. UDit is currently working on creating the HBO Go with the current UD network accounts, so you can use the same login information. Read more >>


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SCAM Warning -- Jan. 23, 2016: Students are reporting an increase in tech support scams on Apple and Windows devices. In one instance, a student got an unsolicited pop-up message detailing serious problems with their computer's operating system and browser. The message instructed the student to call a Windows Certified PC Help technician and provided a phone number. The student was charged a fee for having the technician fix something and to sign up for a 3-year support service. This was a scam to defraud the student of money. It may also have provided unauthorized access to their credit card and sensitive information on the computer.

Please be advised that you should not respond to unsolicited offers for technical support for alleged problems with your computer, software, or accounts. Computer manufacturers, software companies and service providers do not proactively contact you to tell your about a problem with your device, applications, or accounts. If you receive a pop-up warning on your computer or a phone call or any other kind of unsolicited warning, ignore it. If you suspect there is a problem with your computer or application, bring it to the IT Service Center. Or, look up the public contact information for the company and contact them directly for IT support. See more at Safe Computing >>


El Capitan OS 10.11 released 10/22/2015 known issues -

  • 1. No network printing at this time - 1/6/2016 working to get required iPrint client to start testing.  
  • 2. Office 2011 must be updated to most current release 14.5.9 or any newer update released after 1/6/2016.

Windows 10 known issues -

  • 1. Microsoft no longer releases OS service packs.  Expect monthly update bundles with new program features & fixes.  
  • 2. No network printing at this time - testing started 1/6/2016.  No guarantee yet for spring 2016 term.

Updated: 1/6/2016 1:00 P.M.

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