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Teaching, Learning & IT

Teaching, Learning & IT


  • E-Learning Fellows Program: A yearly professional development opportunity for faculty to adopt and apply best practices in building high-quality online courses
  • E-Learning Tools: A robust series of tools to support learning online and inside the classroom
  • Isidore, UD’s learning management system, provides many integrated tools including assignments, quizzes, discussions and gradebook
  • Turnitin for plagiarism detection
  • Blackboard Collaborate for synchronous web conferencing
  • Snag-it for screen capture
  • YouTube for video presentation
  • iClicker for instant feedback through electronic polling from a large audience
  • Flipped Classroom: Instruction and support provided to faculty seeking to invert the typical classroom so students gain necessary knowledge prior to class and instructors guide students to apply that knowledge during class

High Performance Network

  • Classroom Wi-Fi: All regularly-scheduled classrooms across campus are equipped with high performance Wi-Fi that provides simultaneous network connections for every seat in the room, thereby allowing robust in-class use of tools like Isidore and SET (our online teaching evaluation system)
  • Internet 2 Resources: UD is a full member in the Internet 2 community, resulting in ultrahigh speed connections to the Internet 2 global network and access to a vast array of resources in support of teaching and learning (
  • Audio, Web & Video Conferencing Services to connect multiple on and off-campus participants
  • Guest Network Credentials for academic conferences, meetings and campus visitors

Library Services

  • Collaborative Teaching: Faculty librarians provide instruction on how best to connect students with appropriate research sources
  • Assignment Design: Librarians are available to consult about assignment design, from recommending relevant resources to creating course-specific research webpages
  • Active Learning Spaces: The library’s Information Point promotes and supports active learning with a variety of spaces suited to all kinds of learning styles
  • Research Support In-Person and Online: Librarians help embed database widgets on Isidore pages and lend assistance with course reserves

Learning Space Collaborations

  • Center for Cybersecurity & Data Intelligence: A developing collaboration among UDit, the College of Arts & Sciences, the School of Business Administration and the School of Engineering
  • AV Systems Design, Implementation and Support for classrooms and learning spaces
  • IT System Briefings & Tours for Classes: UDit offers briefings on our many IT systems (e.g. ERP system, data storage, reporting, IT security, disaster recovery and network design & infrastructure) and tours of our “leading practices” Data Center
Video Showcase: Teaching Technologies and Opportunities
The faculty conversation session showcases initiatives such as the E-Learning Fellows Program, e-learning technologies (Isidore, iClickers and flipped classrooms), Wi-Fi upgrades to classrooms, Internet2, Roesch Library’s new Information Point, library services for faculty and students, and video conferencing.

Information Technologies (UDit)

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