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Scholarship & IT

Scholarship & IT

Supporting Innovation

  • Grant Proposal Collaboration: Faculty are provided assistance in seeking and applying for extramural grant support.
  • Facility Design Collaboration: AV systems design,implementation and support for research and collaboration spaces.
  • Faculty Professional Development: Programming from the LTC allows faculty to reflect on and initiate a research agenda.
  • IT for International Travel: Guidance is available for faculty traveling overseas, including the use of a VirtualNetwork Client (VNC) to securely connect remotely back to the UD network.
  • Mobile computing: UD supports selected smartphones and tablet computers and is increasingly providing services that can be leveraged with these mobile devices.
  • Catalyzing Innovations in Cyber security: The Center for Cyber security and Data Intelligence is a developing collaboration among UDit, the College of Arts and Sciences,the School of Business and the School of Engineering.

Library Resources

  • Highlight Your Scholarly Work - Create better visibility for your publications.
  • Data Management Planning - Get help with your data management plan.
  • Research Support - Identifying and locating literature in support of your research.

Data Infrastructure

  • UDsciNet Network: High performance network connections (Science DMZ) to support low-latency remote instrumentation access and massive data transfers. Available at key locations on campus, including Roesch Library.
  • Internet2: UD is a full member of the Internet2 community,resulting in ultra high-speed connections to the Internet2 global network and access to a vast array of resources in support of research (
  • Communication Tools: Audio, web and video conferencing services to connect multiple on and off-campus participants; website hosting and YouTube for video presentations.
  • Supercomputer Access: UDit can assist researchers gain remote access to supercomputer clusters housed at the OhioSupercomputer Center in Columbus.
  • Data Storage: UDit can assist researchers develop data storage architectures and protection services.
  • Application Hosting: UD has a new Tier 3 Data Center that functions as our internal cloud. UDit has staff and resources to assist with system set up, configuration and support services for hosting applications.Guest network credentials for academic conferences, meetings and campus visitors.
Video Showcase: Scholarship in New Era of Data Access

This forum describes how faculty scholarship is impacted by dramatic changes in the way digital data (especially "big data") is being generated and shared.  New tools such as UD's new high speed network (UDsciNet), Internet2 and a growing number of global data repositories for sciences and humanities are now available to serve the research needs of UD faculty, staff and students.

Spotlight on UD Faculty
This video shows a Feb 2015 forum highlighting the work of several faculty using high performance data network connectivity and Internet2. 

Information Technologies (UDit)

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