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UD Student Computer Requirement

All undergraduate UD students are required to have a portable (laptop or notebook) computer. Hardware and OS requirements vary depending on your major. When you’re selecting your computer, know that UD students are licensed to download some academic software at no additional cost, including Microsoft Office and several other course-specific programs that may be required for your degree program.

As a UD student, you also have access to many other tools and services, including tech support from our IT Service Center and fee-based network printing. Below you’ll find more information about getting set to use technology at UD. 

Technology requirements to support flexible class delivery

Because courses may be delivered in a variety of formats, students are strongly encouraged to have a working headset (e.g. headphone / earbuds with microphone) and webcam in addition to a notebook computer that meets the requirements of their intended major.

Student Computing at UD

Most academic departments prefer students use a Windows-based computer to ensure you can download and use specialized software and to facilitate classroom collaboration.

A Windows-based computer is particularly important if you plan to study in the School of Business or School of Engineering because of the Windows-specific tools used in many courses.

You’ll find details about required device specifications in this document:
University of Dayton Student Computer Specifications

Macs in Windows-Preferred Majors

A few things to be aware of if you choose to use a Mac for a Windows-preferred major:

  • Some courses in the School of Business and the School of Engineering will require the use of Windows-specific tools. A Windows computer is strongly recommended for these academic programs!

NOTE: UD’s IT Service Center can’t install Windows remotely; students enrolled in online classes should ensure they have access to a Windows computer or can have Windows installed by a local IT service provider.

Computer Accessories

Many computer accessories are available for purchase from the UD Bookstore. Students often find the following helpful:

  • Camera and microphone for conferencing if not already integrated with your computer.
  • External hard drive for full system backups.
  • USB drive to save back-up copies of critical files like papers and class projects.
  • Laptop security lock to deter notebook theft in your residence and in public places.
  • Laptop case or backpack to prevent physical damage when toting your computer around campus.
  • VGA and / or HDMI adapter (if not already integrated with your device) to connect to classroom presentation systems (most classrooms have VGA, several have both).

A Reminder about Warranty and Insurance

A warranty covers manufacturer’s defects only and is generally provided when you purchase a computer. Not sure if you have warranty support? Check your receipt/packing slip, or contact the notebook vendor or manufacturer.

It’s a good idea to contact the warranty support vendor for your computer before coming to UD and ask how you can get warranty support while on campus.

Computer insurance covers issues like accidental damage (like damage caused by drops or liquid spills) and theft. These are NOT covered by the warranty generally included with a computer purchase. Families can often add a computer to your existing homeowners insurance. If that’s not possible, you can also purchase separate computer insurance through a technology insurance company.

Here are a few things to know and do to get your tech off to a smooth start at UD. 

Before you arrive on campus

When you arrive on campus

Other Campus Tech Resources 

As a UD student, you’ll have access to several IT tools and services. 

UD Software

Some software is licensed for use by UD students, faculty and staff. Visit to see what’s available and download applications like Microsoft Office and the Windows 11 Education OS.

Campus Printing 

While many students bring a personal printer to campus, UD’s FlyerPrint printers are available around campus as part of our pay-to-print program. To use these, you’ll need to install the FlyerPrint print queues on your Windows or Mac

If you bring your own printer, you’ll need to connect it via Bluetooth or USB; wireless network printing isn’t supported for personal devices in student housing facilities. 


If you need help with technology at UD, our IT Service Center is only a click or call away. In addition to answering questions about our campus network, services and computing accounts, when you’re on-campus our technicians offer several for-fee services, including: 

  • Installing operating systems ($50) and University-licensed software ($25)
  • Virus removal ($75)
  • Data backups ($25 per 25 GB)
  • Performing system diagnostics ($75)
  • Non-warranty hardware repairs ($50)
  • Laptop rentals ($10/day; $50/week)

NOTE: If your computer is under warranty, our IT Service Center techs can’t usually perform hardware repairs (it can void your warranty) but we will try to help you find the external support resources you need.


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