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Counseling Center Services


The Counseling Center provides a variety of services to support the mental health of all students. Services provided include:

Emotional Wellness Screening

We know it can be hard to talk about things that may be troubling you.

Perhaps you think that your problem is "not really that important." Perhaps you're afraid of what someone may think of you once you tell them what's going on. If so, you can check things out for yourself here first. Take a free, anonymous, online emotional wellness screening to see how you're doing. Afterward, you will be offered online resources, or encouraged to get a professional hand in dealing with your struggles.

Read more about the Emotional Wellness Screening.
Individual Therapy

Need to talk? We're here to listen.

Whether you have personal concerns or are just looking for insight, we encourage you to visit the Counseling Center for therapy.

Our therapists will help you define goals, make decisions and solve problems related to personal, social, career and educational concerns.

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Group Therapy

Support One Another.

Groups create a sense of community and belonging for students. Group therapy can be more effective than individual therapy for some concerns and helps you see that you are not alone in your struggles.

Read more about Group Therapy.

Crisis Intervention

We're here to support you.

If you are having an immediate and life-threatening psychological emergency, call Public Safety (937-229-2121), call 911, or present to the nearest emergency room for immediate assistance.

For psychological emergencies that are not life-threatening, you may call the Counseling Center (937-229-3141) during business hours 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. We do not have walk-in hours so we are able to intervene most effectively when a call is made, allowing us to assess the situation appropriately.

If you find yourself in distress after business hours or on the weekend, contact your R.A., Fellow or Public Safety (937-229-2121) and they can put you in touch with the after hours on call Counseling Center therapist.

Read more about Crisis Intervention.
Psychiatric Services

The Counseling Center offers limited psychiatric services available to students who also see a therapist at the Counseling Center. Referrals are made by the student’s assigned therapist.

Read more about Psychiatric Services.

Outreach and Consultation

A healthy community enhances the health of all its members.

Outreach programming is a service provided by the Counseling Center in order to promote the health and well-being of the larger university community. Our staff is available to deliver lectures, workshops, and other programs to classes, groups, campus organizations and departments. We offer a wide variety of topics, and we are always expanding the list of topics we cover. In addition to recognition and prevention programming for students, the Counseling Center provides consultation and training in a variety of areas to faculty and staff. We also available for general outreach at events such as health fairs or other campus events.

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The Counseling Center works with students and the Office of Learning Resources (OLR) to assist students in accessing accommodations to increase academic success. 

Read more about support for accommodations.

Stress Management and Online Resources

Click from the comfort of home.

Not everyone needs to see a therapist to feel better. Sometimes making small adjustments on your own is all that's needed. We get that. Here are some resources for you to use. Also remember that we are a phone call away (937-229-3141) if you decide you'd like to talk to someone.

Read more about Stress Management and Online Resources.


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