The Roundtable Series

At the Leadership Honors Roundtable Series, LHP students engage in spirited discussions in a relaxed, small group setting with practicing attorneys, judges, educators, politicians, in-house counsel and executives who have distinguished themselves as leaders and bring a broad range of experience and perspectives to the sessions. The Roundtable Series is chaired by former Governor of the State of Ohio, Bob Taft, whose skills as a moderator help shape the conversations using student questions and comments as a guide.

The 2017-18 Roundtables

Evelyn Stratton

Friday, Sept. 29, 2017

Evelyn Stratton served for 16 years as a justice on the Supreme Court of Ohio. She is currently of counsel in the Vorys Columbus office. Stratton spent the first nine years of her legal career as a central Ohio trial lawyer. In 1988, she became the first woman elected judge of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court. She was appointed to the Ohio Supreme Court by Governor George Voinovich in 1996 and was elected by Ohio voters to three six-year terms.

Senator Maggie Hassan

Friday, Oct. 27, 2017

Senator Maggie Hassan is the second woman in American history to be elected both Governor and United States Senator. Hassan was elected to the U.S. Senate from New Hampshire in 2016. She served as the 81st Governor of New Hampshire from 2013-2017. Hassan's talk is entitled, "Learning from those Around You: The Qualities that Can Help You Succeed in Your Career and as a Citizen."​ In it she will address how civic engagement and learning from those around you are fundamental duties for every American. She will also discuss how shared challenges, like the substance misuse crisis, impact New Hampshire, Ohio, and states across the nation.

The 2016-17 Roundtables

Professor Emeritus Richard Saphire

July 2016

Moderator: Susan Wawrose, Director, Leadership Honors Program

A former professor of the School of Law, Professor Saphire has been involved with the American Civil Liberties Union for many years. Most recently, he was an attorney of record in the Ohio “voter purge” case, successfully challenging the state’s policy of removing voters from the rolls after they had not voted for six years. Professor Saphire talked with students about his extensive pro bono work and drew on his career path and experience as he talked with students about their interests, values, and personal and professional goals.

Professor Lawrence Lessig

Sept. 21, 2016

Students in the LHP were privileged to spend an afternoon with Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law School professor, New York Times best-selling author, recent presidential candidate and three-time TEDTalk speaker. Professor Lessig talked with students about the corrupting force of money in politics and shared his insights on the 2016 election, the first Presidential debate, and the need for change in our national political system. For more information on Professor Lessig visit

Michael L. Bunger, Administrative Director of the Ohio Supreme Court

Oct. 19, 2016

Administrative Director Michael L. Buenger has served as the Administrative Director of the Supreme Court of Ohio since January 5, 2015. As the senior non-elected officer of the Supreme Court, he, along with the Chief Justice and Justices, the Ohio Judicial Conference, and the judges of the state, is responsible for developing and communicating the long-term vision, values, and direction of the Supreme Court and the judicial branch. Mr. Buenger has also worked for the National Center for State Courts as a senior rule of law adviser in Kosovo, and has worked on rule of law development, judicial reform, and anti-corruption in other countries. He has authored numerous law review articles on state courts, human rights, and international law. 

Hon. Anthony Capizzi

Jan. 2017

Judge Anthony Capizzi serves as a Montgomery County Juvenile Court Judge, a position he was first elected to in 2004. Judge Capizzi is enthusiastic and energetic about working to promote the welfare of children, as has been his trademark throughout his legal career. Judge Capizzi serves on the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Judicial College, as Chair of the Ohio Juvenile Judges Curriculum Committee, and as Past President of the Ohio Juvenile Court Judges Association.

Martin Hamlette, JD, MHA, Executive Director, National Medical Association

Feb. 2017

A seasoned healthcare administrator, Mr. Hamlette is experienced in both the public and private sectors, including health law and policy, current healthcare reform issues, the impact of health reform on medically diverse populations and the professionals who treat them. In 2007, he was named chief health policy advisor within the Washington, DC Executive Office of the Mayor, Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs, by Mayor Adrian M. Fenty. As policy and legislative strategist, he guided the mayor and agency directors within the District's healthcare cluster, authored policy positions, drafted legislation and testified at public hearings. Mr. Hamlette received a letter of commendation from the mayor for his efforts. Subsequently, Mr. Hamlette served in private practice as counsel and administrator to medical providers, state government and a professional medical association on issues arising from and related to the Affordable Care Act. 

Hon. Judith French

March 2017

Judi French became a justice of the Supreme Court of Ohio in January 2013 and was elected to her first full term on November 4, 2014. She has traveled throughout Ohio, visiting all 88 counties in her first two years on the bench. Before becoming a justice, French had served the State of Ohio as a lawyer for a state agency, an assistant attorney general and counsel to the Governor.

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