Bar Preparation Programs

The School of Law is committed to assisting students to prepare for and pass a bar examination. We continue to expand and develop our bar pass initiative, the Road to Bar Passage, to increase students’ bar exam success. 

While nearly half our graduates sit for the Ohio bar exam each year, the remainder of the class takes the bar exam in numerous other jurisdictions, including Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida.

In conjunction with our Academic Success Program, the Road to Bar Passage offers regular labs, exam simulation sessions, and individual counseling. Our bar exam preparation courses, offered for credit, help prepare students to sit for a bar exam in any state.

Support programs we provide throughout your legal education and post-graduation include:

First Year

Increased credit hours for foundational courses that are tested most heavily on the bar

Added Labs designed to show students the mental processes needed to analyze cases

Early intervention through our Academic Success Program to help students develop and implement expert learning study techniques.

Second Year

Individual academic assistance through ASP.

Simulated Diagnostic Bar Exam is a voluntary exam providing students an excellent opportunity practice and receive feedback on the multiple choice portion of the bar exam by answering Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) questions. Participants will also practice and received feedback on the essay portion of the bar exam by answering two essay questions and completing one multistate performance test (MPT).

Remedies Course
This course helps students shore up their legal analytical skills with a deeper exploration of material from first-year, bar-tested courses in Contracts and Torts

Advanced Legal Analysis - LAW 6823
This course is designed to teach students how to apply the law to problems that arise during the course of their legal training and on the bar exam.

Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE) website, with bibliography and practice materials.

Third Year

Bar Exam Preparation: Procedure & Practice - LAW 6895
This required three-credit course is designed for students who plan to sit for any bar exam.

Individual academic assistance through ASP.

Practice exams with feedback from professors so students can see areas in which they need to improve

Bar prep information from the CSO.


Support services for all exam question formats and states.

Practice exams with feedback from professors

Individual counseling (in-person or online).

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