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Enterprise Risk Management


The purpose of the University of Dayton’s enterprise risk management program is to enhance the University’s ability to achieve its mission, vision, and strategic objectives. ERM fosters an institution-wide culture of risk and opportunity awareness. This culture of awareness promotes a structured, consistent, and continuous process for the early and proactive identification and reporting of material risks and opportunities to senior management and Trustees. 

ERM’s design anticipates and analyzes potential opportunities and threats that could affect the achievement of the University's objectives.  This process includes identifying, assessing, deciding on responses to, and reporting on strategic, human capital, compliance, operational, financial, and hazard-related exposures. These exposures include both "risks" that might hinder the University’s attainment of its strategic goals, and "opportunities" that could help the University achieve its strategic goals. 

  • Integrate risk awareness into the decision making process and empower everyone to be a risk manager
  • Ensure relevant and projecting data is available to the campus community
  • Create a safe environment and methodology that promotes reporting of problems
  • Identify emerging risks and impact to minimize surprises and manage risks.
  • Recommend solutions, that manage risks, to appropriate decision makers
  • Monitor and report progress on key compliance and risk initiatives
  • Maintain a strong ARC team to proactively and collaboratively identify problems

Audit, Risk & Compliance

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