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Privately Speaking Line FAQ

Privately Speaking Line FAQ

The Privately Speaking Line provides a confidential and anonymous way for employees and students to report concerns. The following frequently asked questions have been designed to provide you information on how you are able to remain anonymous through your confidential report. 
The University has contracted for this service through EthicsPoint, a third party service provider with no ties to the University.

EthicsPoint has assigned the University a toll-free number, 1-855-550-0654, for employees and students to use to speak privately and report concerns. You will be reminded NOT to include your name or any other information that may identify you, unless you want to.

Yes. Log on to the Privately Speaking Line and make your report. Your email and IP address are not shared with the University.

DO NOT use this line to report emergencies. Contact Public Safety at 911 from a University phone and 937-229-2121 from all other phones.

EthicsPoint will transcribe the message and enter it into the EthicsPoint system. A designated contact at the University will log into EthicsPoint to obtain the report transcription. The only person who will hear your voice is the person from EthicsPoint who transcribes your message. 

No. You may call the EthicsPoint number from home, work, cellular, or pay telephone.

EthicsPoint will issue you a report key number that you can use to log in or call back to obtain a status on your report. We ask that you follow up on a regular basis (by logging in or calling back) in the event we have questions as we review your report.

Ready to file your report? You can call 1-855-550-0654 or file online at Privately Speaking Line.


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