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Environmental Health & Safety


Welcome to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) website.  As a department under the Division of Audit, Risk and Compliance, EHS works to provide not only the campus but the community with a valuable resource for health and safety needs.


Culture of Safety Video

The University of Dayton is a comprehensive Catholic university, a diverse community committed in the Marianist tradition to education and research. As part of a Catholic institution, the University of Dayton is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to all students, faculty, staff and visitors. From researcher to faculty professor to principle investigator to student, we all have a role to play in keeping the University of Dayton community safe.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in EHS 

EHS is committed to fostering a workplace safety culture that values and celebrates diversity, equity and inclusion.  We believe in the importance of striving for an inclusive workplace where all employees, including women, people of color, neurodiverse, and those that identify as LGBTQ+, have a sense of belonging and feel safe and supported while performing their job duties.  Everyone deserves a safe place to work.  EHS commits to work collaboratively to support physical safety and mental health and wellbeing for all of our employees.  We are dedicated to promoting an environment where all individuals are treated with respect, fairness, equity, and where every voice and safety concern is heard.  


EHS objectives to support and influence a diverse, equitable, and inclusive safety culture:

  • Ongoing learning and engagement with the University's DEI initiatives
  • Listen, offer support and advocate for a safe working and learning environment for all individuals
  • Use inclusive language in our written programs, emails, training programs and other outreach communications  
  • Be open-minded and respectful to all faculty, staff, students and visitors 
  • Expand our departmental conversations to learn more about how safety can support our community  

EHS accepts the challenge to be "All In On Safety"





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