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Dean of Students

Campus Awareness Response and Evaluation Team (C.A.R.E.)


The CARE team's mission is to assess the potential threat students may pose to themselves or to others and to provide early intervention, support, and behavioral response to students who display varying levels of disruptive or concerning behavior. The team meets to identify, assess and respond to concerns and/or potential threats to the campus community. The team will maintain communication with appropriate offices and individuals. Examples of issues that fall under the purview of the C.A.R.E team include but are not limited to:

  • Suicide
  • Eating disorder
  • Cutting
  • Serious injury or illness
  • Death of a student
  • A missing student
  • Immediate danger/harm
  • Sexual assault
  • Worrisome or unusual behavior
  • Disruption in classroom
  • Threats, stalking, intimidation
  • Hate crimes

Information You Should Know

It’s difficult to be mindful of all the things going on around you. But there are often many outward signs that a student is in distress. Knowing what to notice, what to do and what to avoid could be the lifeline your student needs to get help. Additionally, reporting ‘odd’ behavior that causes you concern may just be one more piece of a larger puzzle that the C.A.R.E. team needs to provide that student with assistance.

Be mindful of a/an:

  • Anxious student
  • Demanding student
  • Depressed student
  • Suicidal student
  • Severely disoriented or psychotic student
  • Aggressive or potentially violent student

What to do:

  • Move students to a quiet and secure place.
  • Listen attentively and respond in a considerate and straight forward manner.
  • Make arrangements for appropriate University intervention.
  • Remain calm and in control.
  • Be knowledgeable in advance about referral systems.
  • Respond to disruptive behavior quickly and with firm limits.

What to avoid:

  • Overwhelming or arguing with a student.
  • Ignoring behavior that is having an impact on other students.

Report A Concern About A Student

  • Have you observed something in someone that has you worried?
  • Have you seen a classmate or hall mate begin to act differently?  Strangely?
  • You don’t know who to ask about it or you just want someone to know. 
There are a number of ways to report it, below are few ways:
  1. Reach out to an RA.
  2. Call the counseling center at 937-229-3141
  3. *Submit a CARE REPORT
  4. Submit a complaint or report of harassment or discrimination
  5. *Send an email to the Dean of Students at:

*Please note, this is NOT an emergency reporting system. This information may not be accessed for up to 48 hours. If your concern for a student is conduct related, please click here to file a student conduct report. Student Conduct Report form

 If you have an immediate campus safety issue, please call Public Safety at 937-229-2121.

UD C.A.R.E. Core team members


Christine Schramm - Associate Vice President for Student Development and Dean of Students



Amanda Neuhauser - Assistant Dean, Director of Community Standards and Civility, Student Development

Carolyn Roecker Phelps, Ph.D. - Associate Provost for Faculty and Administrative Affairs

Crystal Sullivan - Executive Director of Campus Ministry

Holly Harmon - Director of the Counseling Center, Student Development

Lisa Sandner, J.D. - Associate University Counsel, Legal Affairs

Robin Oldfield - Associate Vice President Audit, Risk & Compliance/Chief Risk Officer

Savalas Kidd - Assistant Vice President and Chief of Police

Steven Herndon - Assistant Vice President and Executive Director of Housing & Residence Life, Student Development

Paul Schweickart - Clinical Case Manager, Dean of Students, Student Development

Additional members as needed.

Dean Halter - UDIT Risk Management Officer

Deanna Arbuckle - Disability Services and Assistive Technology Coordinator, Office of Learning Resources

Edel Jesse, Ph.D. - Executive Director & Director, Communications/Community Relations, Student Development

Jen Duwel - Director Employee Relations, Talent & Risk, Finance & Administrative Services

Tanya Pinkelton - Executive Director for Equity Compliance

Merida Allen - Associate Dean, Executive Director, Multi-Ethnic Education & Engagement Center, Student Development

Samuel Surowitz - Director of Military and Veteran Programs and Services

Shannon Penn  - Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Registrar, School of Law

Tim Kao - Director International Student and Scholar Services









Dean of Students

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