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Thermal Management

F/A-22 Raptor in flight (U.S. Air Force photo)

Research to Keep Fuel Working Efficiently

UDRI's Thermal Management scientists conduct applied and fundamental research in jet fuel thermal stability, low temperature jet fuel behavior, fuel additives, phase change heat transfer, multiphase flows, gas turbine heat transfer, and simulation of aircraft fuel systems, as well as other areas.

Much of our work involves computational fluid dynamics simulations that incorporate chemical kinetics. In addition, we perform molecular modeling to assist in the understanding of fuel solidification and solid-liquid equilibria. We also have expertise in the modeling of heat transfer for gas turbine engines.

Our unique capabilities include access to supercomputing facilities for large simulations, systems for measuring fuel deposition and oxidation, chemical analysis, computational molecular modeling and molecular dynamics, and development of pseudo-detailed chemical kinetic models.


  • Variety of general purpose commercial CFD codes for aerospace applications
  • In-house specialty CFD codes
  • CHEMKIN & REACT codes for chemical kinetics
  • Molecular modeling codes
  • Codes for dynamic system analysis
  • Laboratories for scaled fuel system component simulations and experiments
  • Access to supercomputing facilities
  • Development of pseudo-detailed chemical kinetic models
  • Laboratories for chemical analyses

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Top: F/A-22 Raptor in flight (U.S. Air Force photo)


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