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Fuels Engineering

Transparent turbine engine. Image credit: NASA

Delivering Solutions for Advanced Fuels Applications

UDRI’s Fuel Engineering experts perform multi-functional research and development in each area of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel’s life cycle related to engineering processes, use, performance, and emissions. Our expertise includes advanced aviation fuels, conventional transportation fuels, and alternative fuels. Research efforts focus on improving the understanding of how the physical properties and chemical composition of the fuels relate to the corresponding performance during use in applicable systems.

Our specific areas of expertise include the following:

  • Jet fuel thermal stability
  • Advanced fuels for high-speed applications
  • Fuel processing and upgrading strategies
  • Design, synthesis, and characterization of multifunctional heterogeneous catalysts
  • Advanced fuel processing under extreme conditions
  • Fuel additive development and evaluation
  • Integrated thermal management strategies
  • Characterization of particulate matter and gaseous emissions from combustion and engine sources

We use our expertise to develop viable solutions that enhance operating capabilities in military and commercial applications.

UDRI has a wide range of analytical instrumentation and experimental capabilities in fuels engineering; the latter ranges from single-component apparatus to complex systems that represent the major components and flow paths of actual aircraft fuel and combustion systems. Heterogeneous catalysis and reaction engineering capabilities allow development and evaluation of viable fuels engineering solutions for a wide range of applications and processing conditions.

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Top: Transparent turbine engine. Image credit: NASA


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