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Making Combustion Safer and More Efficient

UDRI Combustion researchers perform experimental and theoretical combustion research, applying our expertise in well-stirred reactor (WSR) studies, ignition and flame stabilization, gaseous and particulate emissions research, and laser diagnostics of combustion processes. We have investigated turbulent swirl flame stability and extinction, ignition delays using shock tubes, kinetically-controlled combustion and the emissions of pollutants such as CO and NOx, and toxins. We have also performed research in a step swirl combustor, coaxial jet swirl combustor, and dual-dome annular combustor sectors. In addition to providing fundamental insights into combustion, this research work has also yielded benchmark-quality data sets for refining computer models used by industry to design gas turbine combustors.


We conduct combustion studies in the following areas:

  • High-pressure combustion research using shock tubes
  • Combustion of hazardous wastes
  • Emissions of hazardous air pollutants from combustion and manufacturing processes
  • Reaction kinetics studies
  • Computational studies using ab initio and Chemkin III codes
  • Development of advanced chromatographic analytical techniques
  • Trace-level analytical studies of organic contaminants in air

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