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Tobacco Education

About the Campaign

In the Catholic, Marianist tradition, the University of Dayton promotes choices that contribute to the common good and promote the dignity of every person. This concern for the common good leads us to develop habits of self-care in pursuit of wellbeing as individuals, but also to understand and pay attention to the safety, comfort, and health of others in our community.

At the University of Dayton, promoting health and wellbeing is an extension of the University’s Marianist mission to care for the whole person.

As part of our continuing commitment to increase health and wellbeing on our campus, the “For a Healthier UD and Me" campaign was created to educate our community on the individual benefits of choosing a tobacco-free lifestyle, as well as the benefits of creating a community where everyone chooses to be tobacco-free.
By providing educational programming and cessation resources, the “For a Healthier UD and Me" campaign hopes to:

  • prevent individuals from initiating the use of tobacco products;
  • help individuals quit the use of tobacco products;
  • eliminate secondhand exposure from smoke, aerosol, and biological waste from tobacco products; and
  • create a campus environment where use of tobacco and nicotine products is not the norm.
For Students

The Center for Alcohol and Other Drug Resources and Education offers educational information and resources to students at the University of Dayton. 

Students interested in using medications or nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) to help with quit the use of tobacco work should contact their local health care provider or schedule an appointment with the Health Center.

  • To schedule an appointment with the Health Center, call 937-229-3131
For Employees
Employees have access to resources to assist them with quitting the use of tobacco products. The Office of Human Resources offers wellness programs and assistance in accessing cessation services.  

Center for Alcohol and Other Drugs Resources and Education

Adele Center
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2610