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Co-Pilots: Peer Health Coaching

What is peer health coaching?


Transitioning to college, just being in college, and preparing for post graduate life can be challenging. Is there a goal that a peer coach could help you address that would make your life just a bit easier? Want to talk to someone, but aren’t ready to go to the Counseling Center? Schedule an appointment today to talk to a peer to help you reach your goals!


Want to be a Co-Pilot: Apply here!

Mission Statement

Through one-on-one conversation and connection, the Co-Pilots are a peer group that offers a validating space for students to discuss their wellbeing goals. While providing holistic wellness coaching, the Co-Pilots invite students to normalize conversations about emotions, assist in breaking down stigmas, build personal development, and promote a healthier lifestyle within the University of Dayton community.  

  • Respect
  • Growth
  • Dependability
  • Empathy

Topics that we cover:
  • Relationships and relationship changes (finding different friends on campus, getting involved, dating, etc)
  • Changing daily behavior (making healthier food choices, starting to engage with physical activity, drinking one less beer on the weekend, developing a healthier sleep schedule, creating a self-care routine, etc)
  • Creating a new time management system
  • Managing stress and building resiliency
  • Struggling to make a decision
  • Not sure? Email us at and we can help you find the best resource for you.
Coaching is:
  • Creating opportunities for you as a student to think strategically about your life choices
  • Creating space for you to think about your values and what choices you can make to revitalize your daily experiences
Coaching is not:
  • Offering specific advice
  • The Co-Pilot sharing their own experiences as a guide for how you should make your choices
  • Counseling

How does it work?

Register for an appointment on the Student Success Network to meet with a Co-Pilot.  For some, you might only want to meet once - maybe that’s all it will take to get you on a path to success.  For others, you might want to meet multiple times to work toward your goal.  However many times you’d like support in achieving your best self, we will be here to support you!  There is no cost associated with meeting with a Co-Pilot.

Meet the Co-Pilots!
Anneliese Fisher

My name is Anneliese Fisher. I am a sophomore from Dayton, Ohio. I am a biochemistry major, and I have minors in psychology, neuroscience, and Medicine & Society. I am in Co-Pilots because I want to help my peers to be as mentally and physically healthy as possible. I hope to help enable my peers to make positive changes in their lives. I also hope to help my peers navigate college life and provide any and all resources available

Ashleigh Jurosic

My name is Ashleigh Jurosic, and I’m a junior psychology major with a social work minor. I’m from a small town, Anna, which is about 45 minutes north of Dayton. I joined co-pilots because I take mental health very seriously- many people need someone to talk to and process things with, and I want to be that person someone can come to when they’re in need!

Hanna Stier

Hometown: Westchester, NY

Year: Senior

Major: Psychology

What are you involved in on campus? Research within Cognition, studies on trauma in adolescence, and teaching assistant for ASI 150.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about mental health and making sure each person knows that they matter and are valued. 

 What is your happy song? Strangers by Mt. Joy.

Why are you in co-pilots? I am in co-pilots because I had wished this amazing group had been there for me through my personal struggles at UD. I want to create a partnership with students to give them support and validation in a safe space on campus.

Julia Wondrack

My name is Julia Wondrack. I am from Rochester, New York, I am a junior psychology major, and I am a part of Co-Pilots because I want to help students on campus who are struggling with various difficulties and help guide students on a path to a more beneficial lifestyle and mindset depending on what challenges the person is facing.

Kate Ramsey

MajorBiology Major with a minor in psychology

Hometown: Lexington, Kentucky

Year: Sophomore

What are you a Co-Pilot? I am a Co-Pilot to give back to the UD community and help my fellow peers.


Maggie Walsman


Hometown: Batesville, Indiana

Year: Junior

Why are you a Co-Pilot? I am a Co-Pilot because I want to be there for anyone who's in need. I hope people are able to come to me if they need help with ANYTHING. I want to be here to help anyone and everyone with what they’re struggling with.

Mary Kate Kelly

Major: Psychology with a minor in Criminal Justice

Hometown: LaGrange, Illinois

Year: Junior

Whay are you a Co-Pilot? I am Co-Pilot in order to listen to my peers and provide them with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves.

Olivia Parson

My name is Olivia Parson and I am a junior Biology major with minors in Chemistry and Neuroscience. I’m from a small town near Cleveland called Amherst. I’m in Co-pilots because I want to help people with the difficulties that come with college. A strong support network means everything- and I’d love to be a person that people can lean on and come to when they need someone to listen and be there as they navigate life here at UD!

Sarah Mooney
Major: Psychology

Hometown: New Lexington, Ohio

Year: Junior

What are you involved in on campus? Philanthropy Chair of Zeta Tau Alpha, Psychology Research, Distance 4 Dreams, and PSY 101 TA

What are you passionate about? I am passionate about mental health and making sure people know they are not alone in their struggles.

What is your happy song? Dancing Queen by ABBA

Tori Perez-Stable

My name is Tori Perez-Stable. I am a second-year psychology major from Cleveland, Ohio. I love to spend time with friends and family, listen to music, and be outdoors. I consider myself an eager learner, whether that be in class or learning new things about people. I am often described as an outgoing and caring person. I am also in the UD chapter of Sigma Kappa and a member of UD 4 Paws for Ability.

Karly Broshear-Henley

Hello! I'm Karly Broshear-Henley and I’m from Oxford, Ohio. I am currently a sophomore here at UD. I am a Women & Gender Studies major for now but ask me again in a few months. Lastly, I joined Co-Pilots because talking about your mental health as well as advocating for awareness is super important and I’d like to help initiate the conversation. I think this group has a lot of potential to create change among students.

Victoria Kuczek

Hi, my name is Victoria Kuczek

I’m from the Chicago suburbs. I’m a junior psychology major with a family development minor. I’m in copilots because mental health is really important to me as well as being involved in the community. Someday I want to be a child psychologist.

Jackie LaVigne

Hometown: Arlington Heights, IL

Year: Junior

Major: Psychology

Why are you a Co-Pilot: I wanted to be in Co-pilots because I am super passionate about helping people and co-pilots allows me to leave a positive impact on my peers like so many have done for me!

Matthew LoPresti

Major: Communication

Year: Junior

 Hometown: Cincinnati

Why are you a Co-Pilot: I am in Co-Pilots to help bring awareness to the mental health struggles that affect our society everyday. 

Tina Sandhu

Major: Psychology

Hometown: Mason, OH

Year: Junior

Why did you join Co-Pilots? I am passionate about mental health, reducing the stigma around mental health, and helping everybody feel like a somebody. I Joined Co-Pilots because I think it’s important for students to have a peer outlet to help navigate them through their wellbeing goals.

Patrick Szubryt

Hello, my name is Patrick Szubryt and I’m a Sophomore Entrepreneurship Major from New Lenox, Illinois. I joined Co-Pilots as a way to expand awareness around mental health and to provide students with the resources to maximize their time at college. Because of my fascination with psychology and the hope that I can pursue Motivational Speaking through Entrepreneurship, I believe this will be the perfect opportunity for me to best serve the Dayton community. As a campus, we need to recognize the significance of peer-on-peer conversations and I look forward to assisting my classmates with their various well-being goals.

Alexis Taylor

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Year: Senior 

Major: Psychology 

Why are you a Co-Pilot? I joined Co-Pilots because I am a passionate mental health advocate and want to help every student on this campus to feel safe, heard, welcome, and validated.