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Veterans Services FAQ

The University of Dayton has a number of undergraduate, graduate and professional schools and programs.  To find the program you are interested in, visit the Admissions page and apply online

All applicants follow the same application procedure. To learn more about applying to UD, visit our Admissions website.

Generally, the first step that you’ll need to complete is to apply and be accepted to a program.  Next, you want to complete the FAFSA and submit it to UD with our school code of 003127.  You can review of variety of information about financial aid that may be helpful to you.

Most of UD's degree programs are approved by the VA.  To see a full list of majors and programs currently approved for VA benefits, visit the VA's WEAMS Institution Search, and search for "University of Dayton."  You can then select our institution's profile.  From the profile, select the "programs" tab to view the current list of programs.

Different academic departments at UD have different policies on accepting military training as course credit.  Check with the Dean’s office to which you are applying for the transfer of credit policies.  You can order a copy of your military transcript online.

The University of Dayton offers several resources available to support the needs of our students.  Students can reach out to staff and access a variety of tools through the Office of Learning Resources.  In addition, we have our Counseling Center which provides various counseling needs for our students.

The VA Form 22-1990 or VA Form 22-5490 will require that you indicate the college or university that you’ll be attending.  You can submit this with the school that you’ll most likely attend and then if it is different, just complete a Change of Place form with the VA.

The first step is to complete the application VA Form 22-1990 or VA Form 22-5490. This form is available online. Be sure to print a copy of this before submitting it so that you can provide a copy to our office.

Please bring a copy of the application (VA Form 22-1990 or VA Form 22-5490) and Certificate of Eligibility to the Flyers First Office of Veteran Services for our records.  You should also refer to our checklist to gather additional required documentation.

You will need to complete a Request for Change of Program or Place of Training, VA Form 22-1995 (Chapter 35 Recipients need to complete VA-22-5495 instead of the VA-22-1995 form) and submit it to the VA.  In addition, please provide your certificate of eligibility to us. 

Each semester you will receive an email titled “VA CERTIFICATION FOR (FALL, SPRING, OR SUMMER) SEMESTER.   You need to follow the directions in the email to have certification completed for payments.  In addition, please review our requirements for each Chapter.  You will receive an email confirmation from the VA that your enrollment has been certified.

If you drop a class, please contact Flyer Student Services. Once we are notified of this, we will report your updated enrollment to the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).  The VA will reduce your rate of pay if this withdrawal changes your enrollment status. If the withdrawal occurs during the drop/add period, as defined by the VA, an adjustment is made on the rate of pay. If the withdrawal occurs after the drop/add period, the reduction may create an overpayment, unless there are mitigating circumstances.

The VA will not pay for courses that are not required as part of a student’s degree. If students take courses that are not required, those courses will need to be funded by other means and will not be part of the total hours that we certify. Students can easily identify which courses apply toward their degree by using the Degree Works tool available via Porches.

The VA will pay for repeated courses as long as they are part of the student’s degree and the grades previously earned do not meet degree requirements.  For example, if you complete a course (attend and participate the entire semester) and receive a grade of ‘F’, you could retake this class and receive funds from the VA to cover the cost of the course.  If you have questions about a specific course, please contact us (link to email) so we can provide you with information specific to your situation.

The VA will pay for a remedial course if the student has a deficiency in the subject. The VA will not pay for refresher courses.

Please contact Flyer Student Services if you change your major, as this may cause your enrollment certification to change.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) will only pay for one major and does not pay for a minor. If you wish to pursue this, these courses will not be certified with the VA.

You are able to change your major in the middle of the semester but this will not take effect until the next semester with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Once your classes are certified for the semester, the major for the semester is certified for that entire period.

If you are an Undecided major, it is recommended that you begin by fulfilling general educational requirements. e.g. fine arts, humanities, natural sciences. After two semesters, you will need to declare a major in order to continue receiving Veteran benefits.

The most frequent question we receive is, “when is my payment going to arrive?” If you are concerned, first contact us to ensure that your certification has been completed. If it has, you can contact the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) at 1-888-442-4551 to confirm that they’ve received your certification.  If they have not, contact us again and ask that we resubmit your certification.

Once you have confirmed that the VA has received your certification, you could expect that the funds will be received within 3 weeks after the certification date (but not before the first day of classes). Unfortunately, there’s not anything that we are able to do to expedite the processing and disbursement of funds from the VA.

The amount of money that you receive differs depending on what chapter of VA benefits you are receiving and how many hours you are taking.  Additionally, rates are adjusted generally on an annual basis.  The updated rates are available online.


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