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Office of Learning Resources

We all learn differently. The Ryan C. Harris Learning Teaching Center's Office of Learning Resources (OLR) offers academic support to all students so they can make effective decisions about their learning and have a rewarding and inclusive college experience. 


Important COVID-19 Information

OLR is providing all student learning support services and disability appointments virtually. In-person services have been suspended. Please call or email with any questions.

Current Office Hours (Roesch 023)*

  • Monday–Friday
  • 8:30 AM–4:30 PM

*During any period in which in-person classes are suspended due to COVID-19, OLR will conduct office hours remotely.


Disability Services

For academic, housing, parking, dietary, and other accommodations:
  1. Please complete the  Initial Accommodation Request form online.
  2. Call to schedule a Zoom or Telephone appointment.

**The OLR Testing Center is currently open only when the University is holding in-person undergraduate classes. During any period that in-person classes are suspended, work with your instructor(s) to ensure you receive your accommodations.

Learning Services

  • 60-minute remote Tutoring sessions are available by appointment for the following courses. Schedule all Tutoring appointments using the Student Success Network (SSN). For scheduling directions, click here.
    ACC 207 208
    BIO 101 151 152
    CHM 123 124 313 314
    CMM 100
    CPS 150
    DSC 210 211
    ECO 203 204
    EGM 202 303
    EGR 201 202
    FIN 301
    HST 103
    MEE 104L 308 314 321
    MGT 201 301
    MKT 301
    MTH 114 116 128 129 148 149 168 169 207 218 219
    OPS 301
    PHL 103
    PHY 201 202 206 207
    PSY 101
    REL 103
    SCI 190
    SOC 101

Fall 2020 Write Place: Remote Feedback on Your Writing.

  • Set up a Zoom session with a peer consultant. Visit the Student Success Network at Daytime or evening appointments are available.


  • Submit your project for feedback in Isidore. Select Write Place from the menu and upload to our Digital Drop-Off service. Most projects will receive feedback within 48 hours.

For more information, email or the Write Place Coordinator, Christina Klimo, at


Office of Learning Resources

Roesch Library
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302
Fax: 937.229.3270