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Campus Card Services

The FlyerCard is the official photo identification card at the University of Dayton. Not only is it your student ID card, but it’s also your library card, meal card and access card for the RecPlex, residence halls, and labs. Your FlyerCard is valid as long as you are actively enrolled at UD.

Faculty, staff, and students need to go to the Card Services office located in Kennedy Union room 125. Please bring a form of photo identification with you. Acceptable forms of ID include a valid driver's license, a government issued ID card, or a passport/visa. 

Your picture will be taken immediately and your ID will be made while you wait. Faculty and Staff members must have all paperwork turned in to Human Resources in St. Mary's Hall before receiving their first card. Incoming first year students will have the opportunity to send their picture in during the summer via  MY ACCOUNT.  They will receive their FlyerCard during orientation. Transfer students or students who did not attend orientation may stop by the Card Services Office during regular business hours.

All current University of Dayton faculty, staff, and registered students are eligible to receive a FlyerCard. Faculty, staff, and visitors must have all paperwork turned in to Human Resources in St. Mary's Hall and HR must have completed processing paperwork prior to receiving their FlyerCard. 

No. Your FlyerCard is non-transferable. Only YOU can use your card. In the event the card is transferred to another user other than the original cardholder, the card will be confiscated by a University official.

If your FlyerCard is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately to guard against the money in your account being spent. Please report a lost or stolen card immediately to the Card Services Office or to any Dining Services manager or supervisor.  A temporary meal card will be issued if needed during hours that Card Services is closed.  You can also mark your card lost by logging in to MY ACCOUNT and marking it "Lost".

Stop by the Card Services Office, pay a $25 replacement fee with cash, credit, debit, or Flyer Express, and receive a new card within a couple of minutes. Students have the option to bill the replacement card fee to their student account where it will be displayed on their next billing cycle.  We are located in Kennedy Union room 125.


If you have not replaced your FlyerCard, you may reactivate your card by stopping by the Card Services Office. If you have already purchased a replacement card, your old card will no longer be reactivated and should be destroyed.

Flyer Express is an online, prepaid debit account that may be used to pay for purchases at participating on and off campus locations. Every active student, staff, and faculty member already has a Flyer Express account with a starting balance of $0. Flyer Express accounts with a positive balance will remain open and carry forward to the next semester or year for all registered students and active employees.

All student, faculty, and staff cards have a Flyer Express account with a starting balance of $0. Your account will be activated when you deposit money into your account. You can deposit money into your Flyer Express account HERE.

To add money to your Flyer Express account using a credit or debit card, you can do so HERE and use your UD credentials to login.

Simply notify the cashier that you wish to use your Flyer Express account and present your photo FlyerCard. The Flyer Express account decreases with each purchase.

Flyer Express accounts are not intended to simulate a checking or savings account, and therefore, refunds from your Flyer Express account may only be requested upon leaving the University and only if your Flyer Express balance is greater than $10. Students who graduate, withdraw, or are dismissed from the University with a balance greater than $10 in their Flyer Express account will have their balance transferred to their UD Student Account. Faculty and staff who leave the University and have a balance greater than $10 will have a check mailed to them.

You can go HERE and view your most recent transactions and check your Flyer Express and Meal Plan balances.

Contact the person in your area/department who is authorized to grant access. They will process your access request accordingly.

Yes! Do not place your FlyerCard in between your smartphone and wireless charger as this will damage the card, resulting in a $25 replacement fee.


Campus Card Services

Kennedy Union
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 0611