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Campus Card Services

Door Access

All University of Dayton buildings require the use of the FlyerCard to enter the building during off hours. The FlyerCard contains an internal chip that can be read by the card reader when the FlyerCard is held up to the reader. The card can only be read by a card reader and does not broadcast any information.

All on campus housing as well as academic and administrative buildings require the use of the FlyerCard during off hours. Access to your specific buildings and rooms are automatically loaded to your account and do not require any action on your end. If you experience any trouble with door access, please contact the Card Services Office so we can help investigate the issue.

The designated authority in your department will grant the appropriate door access for you to perform in your position. If you experience trouble with door access, please reach out to the designated authority in your department about the issue. If further assistance is needed, the designated authority in your department must be the one to contact Campus Card Services at

  • Graduate Assistants must be registered for classes or fill out the "Graduate Student Certification Form" each semester in order to have door access privileges. This form is found under the Graduate School Tab on Porches.
  • Contractors and Visitors must have all necessary Human Resources paperwork completed and processed prior to obtaining an ID card and being granted door access. The UD employee that submitted the paperwork will receive an email from Human Resources when the contractor/visitor's account is ready. Contractor and Visitor access must be coordinated through the designated authority of the department. 
Faculty Classroom Access

Faculty will have access to their classrooms the first day of the term and will lose access on the last day of the term. If access is needed outside of the regular semester, the designated authority in your department should contact to request access.

Classes and labs with schedules entered in 25Live will have their doors unlock 15 minutes before class starts and lock 15 minutes after the class ends.  Meetings and events scheduled in 25Live will have their doors unlock at the start of the event and lock at the end. 


*Please note that Card Services does not grant door access requests over the phone. All requests must be submitted via email.

Students, faculty, and staff can use the GET Mobile app (Apple or Android) to access on-campus rooms. The FlyerCard and GET Mobile App are the only ways to open doors with card readers on-campus. Follow these quick and easy instructions to use this great feature. 

*Remember, you may only use this feature on your own mobile device to provide yourself access to your room and meal plan.  You may not share passwords, PINS, or other confidential access information with anyone else.

How to set-up GET Mobile app
  1. Launch the App Store on your Apple or Android smartphone.
  2. Search for “CBORD” and select GET Mobile (this is a free application).
  3. After you download and open the GET Mobile app, select University of Dayton as the institution and enter your UD credentials. 
    1. Please include your email and phone number in the Settings section if you wish to utilize the GET Mobile ordering option.
  4. You will be prompted to set up a PIN which will be used to unlock the app every time you open GET Mobile.
  5. Be sure that you’ve allowed Location Services to be used for this application in your settings.
Using Mobile Access
  1. Open the GET Mobile app and enter your PIN.
  2. Under your picture, click the Mobile Access button to display recently used doors and/or doors closest to you that you have access to.
  3. Select the door you want to open (you must be within 20 feet of the door).
  4. This will take you to a screen with your photo and the door you’ve selected. Click the Activate button to open the door.
    1. If approved, the card reader light will turn green, the door will unlock for a few seconds, and you will get the message “Success! Approved”.
    2. You must be within 20 feet of a door in order for the door to open. If you are not within that distance, you will see the error message “Denied – Not within distance of reader”.
    3. You can only access doors during the designated hours granted to your account. If you attempt to unlock a door outside of those hours, you will see the error message “Denied – Not Scheduled”.
  5. Additionally, there is a widget on the main screen of the app that will show you the last 5 used locations. Look for the Mobile Access widget.
Additional Notes
  • Be sure you are connected to UD's wireless network for the best functionality.
  • Remember, this feature may ONLY be used on your own mobile device, for your own use.  Your account and privileges may not be used by anyone else, or shared with anyone.


Campus Card Services

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