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Campus Card Services

Attendance can be taken at any location with a card reader at the door. Two types of reports are available for taking attendance:

  • Class Attendance Report
  • Special Event Attendance Report

Class Attendance Report 

Students should present their FlyerCards to the reader outside of the room no more than 15 minutes before class or 15 minutes after class. Reports will be available the following morning. This report will keep a running total of attendance for the semester.  If you are interested in taking attendance for your class, please fill out the Class Attendance Report Request.  You will receive a confirmation email once your attendance report has been created.

Special Event Attendance Report 

This report will show the swipe time when the student entered the classroom and the time the student left. This report will be emailed to the recipients within 2 business days of the event.  If you are interested in receiving a special event attendance report for your special event, please fill out the Special Event Attendance Report Request.  A confirmation email will be sent to you once your attendance report has been created.


Campus Card Services

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