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Brand Guide

Graphic Elements
Arrows are used as a directional element to guide the viewer's eye to key information and imply progress. The arrow can have have the glow effect applied to it, be used with a gradient or used as a textural element in the background.
Chapel Linework

The chapel linework draws inspiration from the architecture of the UD chapel. Its simple arrangement of circles and squares is meant to be a textural, background element. It should always be blended into imagery with a low opacity.

Dot Pattern

The dot pattern is made up of a field of pulsing lights. They form a lively grid that can be used all together, or isolated as a line. The dots should never be uniform in size; they vary on purpose.


Gradients are a representation of light, and they are used as a primary graphic element in most pieces. Gradients can act on their own as a background, be used to mask photography, or act as a framing device in any composition. 

Gradient Fractal

The gradient fractal uses gradients to create a multi-faceted look. The shape of the fractal should not be changed.

Neon Lines

The neon lines represent light in the form of a laser. They consist of five lines that bend or curve. The neon lines should be used with the glow effect.


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