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Brand Guide


The University of Dayton's brand voice is lionhearted. Grounded in our Catholic, Marianist tradition, it is fueled by a greater sense of purpose and a mission to make a positive impact.

In this iteration of the brand, messaging aims skyward, using aspirational, aeronautical and astronautical language. Copy should also emphasize the unifying importance of the Flyer community.

The copy should follow the brand tone: brave and authentic; confident, but not brash. It should be welcoming and inclusive — reflective of UD's family spirit. It should be relevant and engaging, embodying the unyielding passion of the UD community in their pursuit for the common good. It should strive beyond the typical language of higher education, incorporating unexpected ideas in novel ways.

Writing Style

Headlines jump out as the first message in a piece. They engage the reader with bold and colorful language that compels them to read further. Headlines are economical. They aim to send the most powerful message with the least amount of words. 

Approaches to crafting headlines include:

  • Skyward terms can be used to deliver ideas in clever and unexpected ways. Aeronautical or flight-related headlines should be used in moderation.
  • Headlines can incorporate unexpected twists, misdirection and contrasting imagery to create visceral impact that will draw readers in.
  • The University's values can be alluded to in headline copy to instill a sense of drive and purpose.

Body copy should serve as a thematic extension of the overarching headline messaging. It should push readers forward by building a dynamic sense of tension and release. Vary sentence lengths to establish an energetic cadence that guides the reader along a consistent throughline. Body copy can serve as a compelling and informative tool to share longer pieces of information in an inspiring and impactful way that drives the reader to act.

To ensure all University publications and communications are accurate, efficient and consistent, the University of Dayton follows editorial style guidelines. The foundation of our editorial style guide is The Associated Press Stylebook (referred to as using "AP Style"), and it is augmented by a University condensed style sheet that contains local usages such as building names. The dictionary to be used with AP Style is Webster's New World College Dictionary.

AP Style should be followed for all marketing and communications pieces (print and electronic) that promote the University, its departments and its programs; provide information about UD and its activities; and major internal documents. The guide does not apply to scholarly or academic works, such as research papers or grant applications; those documents should follow the style requested by their corresponding journal, research institution, etc. 


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