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The University has three main typefaces. Collectively, these fonts — Champion with its declarative tone, Chronicle with its premium feel and Proxima Nova with its clean, geometric look — help bring the UD spirit to life.


Chronicle, with its regal serifs, is the primary typeface for the brand. Chronicle Display is primarily used for headlines while Chronicle Text is used for body copy.

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Champion is a bold and versatile font. It is primarily used as an accent or in headlines, and it should be used in uppercase. Approved weights are: Champion Bantamweight, Champion Lightweight, Champion Featherweight and Champion Welterweight.

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Proxima Nova
Proxima Nova is an Adobe font that serves as alternate typeface for captioning or body copy. It is an easily legible, modern font that is available in a variety of weights and styles. There is no charge for those using Adobe Creative Cloud.
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