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Brand Guide

Color Palette

Grounded in the University of Dayton's school colors, the brand's color palette evokes feelings of soaring through the atmosphere.

Primary Colors

Glow Navy and Glow Blue serve to both anchor and elevate the design with their stable, strong hues.

Glow Navy

Pantone 2766C

C=100 M=97 Y=37 K=39

R=20 G=27 B=77


Glow Blue

Pantone 2736C

C=92 M=85 Y=0 K=0

R=2 G=0 B=209


Accent Colors

Glow Turquoise and Glow Red complement the primary colors and provide a bold, eye-catching accent. They should never be more dominant than the primary colors.

Glow Turquoise

Pantone 305C

C=56 M=0 Y=7 K=0

R=89 G=203 B=232


Glow Red

Pantone 185C

C=4 M=100 Y=92 K=1

R=228 G=2 B=43


Logo Colors

Flyers Blue and Red Scare are the foundational colors used in our institutional logo. Flyers Blue can be used in conjunction with the primary colors to create multi-tone blue gradients. Red Scare should only be used in the logo; if a red accent is needed, use Glow Red.

Flyers Blue

Pantone 287C

C=100 M=91 Y=17 K=6

R=0 G=48 B=135


Red Scare

Pantone 206C

C=13 M=100 Y=81 K=3

R=206 G=0 B=55


Limited Palette

The limited palette can be used sparingly to add pops of color (e.g., in gradient backgrounds, brightening sky and sunset tones). However, the primary colors should always be dominant, and pieces targeted to alumni should only feature the traditional reds and blues.

Stuart Sunset

Pantone 7416C

C=6 M=72 Y=69 K=0

R=229 G=106 B=84


Spring Tulip

Pantone 7424C

C=6 M=87 Y=17 K=0

R=226 G=69 B=133



Pantone 427C

C=17 M=12 Y=12 K=0

R=208 G=211 B=212



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