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Graduate and Law Student Budget Appeal Process

What You Need to Know

Flyer Student Services establishes the annual student expense budget for all graduate and professional students in accordance with federal regulations (20 U.S.C. Sec. 1087ll). Commonly accepted expenses such as tuition, fees books, supplies and a reasonable living allowance are included in the student expenses budget. This budget, less all resources available to the student (including scholarships, assistantships, and other financial aid awards), determines the maximum amount of educational loans available for the loan period. 

Full-time students may appeal, on an annual basis, to increase their student expense budget. An increase in the student expense budget will enable the student to borrow additional loan funds, subject to lender approval. Appeals are commonly approved for additional funds to cover reasonable costs such as the purchase of a computer, printer, software, unusual medical or dental expenses and the support of other dependents.

Non-educational related costs which will not be considered for increasing the student expense budget include, but are not limited to car payments, car maintenance, credit card balances or payments, student loan payments, other consumer loans or living costs during periods of non-enrollment, including expenses related to life before or after school.

Full-time students wishing to appeal their personal expenses must compete a budget appeal form for the appropriate year, noting that summer term is part of the prior academic year. Please contact our office with any questions you may have.


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