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Failure Analysis

An analyst examines the broken components of a failed flywheel

Reducing Electronic and Structural Failures


UDRI researchers identify failure modes and mechanisms to determine the root cause of failure. We analyze and characterize a variety of both passive and active electrical components including printed wiring assemblies, solder joints, connectors, aircraft wiring, switches, relays, diodes, transistors, integrated circuits, and hybrid circuits.

Some of our current work includes testing flash protection goggles for the B-52 aircraft, conducting failure analysis on KC-135 truck level switches, and performing reverse engineering as well as designing a replacement system for F-16 flight data recorders.

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UDRI researchers also perform specimen extraction and mechanical testing of parts such as TF-33 (B-52) engine disks to analyze for fatigue and fatigue crack growth and C-130 propeller blades to analyze for tensile, stress corrosion cracking. In addition, we conduct weld process development and weld repair process qualification for the B-2 Bomber’s aft deck; this work includes design, fabrication, tensile, fatigue, and fatigue crack growth.

Our researchers routinely develop test methodologies for combined structural component corrosion simulation, including design, fabrication, fatigue, paint systems, and various corrosion methods. We also identify and characterize specific materials, perform reverse engineering, work with coatings, and conduct testing.

We also research potentially damaging interactions between adjoining materials. For example, we investigated a type of Torlon (a thermoplastic composite material) to determine if it had damaged a graphite/epoxy panel (painted as well as primed). This work often helps our customers avoid such damage in future material interactions.

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Top: An analyst examines the broken components of a failed flywheel. (U.S. Air Force photo/Holly Jordan)


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