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Engineering Systems Solutions

Band pass filter units

Creating and Extending Electronic Capability

UDRI’s Engineering Systems Solutions researchers provide electrical engineering services to maintain and extend existing electronic systems capabilities. We perform much-needed reverse engineering services to develop and implement cost-effective replacement technologies for aging and obsolescent electronic sensors and equipment.


  • Radio Frequency (RF) and Embedded Controller hardware design
  • Reverse engineering of electronic hardware systems
  • Software/firmware development
  • Technical publication
  • Test equipment development
  • Technical data package dissemination

Our comprehensive services include researching, designing, building, testing, and implementing new and novel electronic hardware systems. We provide technical and engineering data, develop overhaul/repair capability, and include all embedded control software for new and replacement systems. This results in increased reliability and supportability by providing customers with new and alternative designs, extended capability to repair legacy systems, and new sources of supply.

We recently completely reverse engineered the legacy Rockwell Collins F-1535/ARC-190 Band Pass Filter and developed a cost-effective replacement requiring far less maintenance, weighing approximately half as much, and using less than one-third of the power of the legacy Band Pass Filter. We also developed and delivered a complete technical data package including all engineering data, overhaul/repair documentation, system software, and manufacturing data.

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Top: Legacy and UDRI reverse engineered band pass filter units.


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