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About the Student Success Network

Students use the Student Success Network (SSN) to connect to academic advisers, instructors, and other people and services that can help them with their education. Learn more about the key features of the SSN for students below.

What can I do in the Student Success Network? 

  • Find out what the SSN looks like and what key features are available to you.
  • Edit your Profile to make it easier for your instructors and advisors to get to know you and stay in contact.
  • Your Success Network shows your assigned adviser, instructors, and others who are directly connected to you. Each person’s contact information and appointment scheduling options are visible to you. Browse Your Services to find other offices available to you.
  • Schedule an appointment with members of your Success Network
  • Use your Dashboard to stay on top of upcoming appointments and recommendations from your instructors and advisers.

Using your Courses Tab

Using your Dashboard

Using your Success Network

Requesting Help


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