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Tutoring Courses

Tutoring Services

The Office of Learning Resources provides tutoring to students by appointment for selected courses. Students may meet with a tutor in-person or via Zoom. UD students may schedule one-on-one with a tutor through the Student Success Network (SSN).

Please follow these instructions as directed so that students do not create errors that result in their appointments being deleted.

  1. Visit My Success Network to view the students calendar.
  2. Select the desired course on the calendar to see if Tutoring is available for that course.
  3. If so, click Schedule under the Tutor service and select the option for AppointmentsOnly Tutors who support the course students select will be displayed.
  4. Review the times that Tutors are available and select the desired appointment time.
  5. The student will need to provide a brief description of what they specifically need help with in the course. This allows the Tutor to prepare for the appointment.
  6. Once the description has been written, click Confirm.

Students will receive an email and Google Calendar invitation with details regarding their appointment.

NOTE: Due to demand, students will only be allowed to schedule one appointment at a time for each course. Students are encouraged to work with their Tutor to schedule the next appointment.

  1. If students need to update an existing appointment, open the left-hand menu in the Student Success Network and select Upcoming.
  2. Select the desired appointment to update and follow the prompts to edit the information.
  3. If students wish to cancel the appointment, simply click Cancel.

  • Due to demand, students will only be allowed to schedule one appointment at a time for each course. Students are encouraged to work with their Tutor to schedule the next appointment.
  • Tutors spend a great deal of time preparing for upcoming sessions and cancellations cause them to forfeit that time when another student could have scheduled an appointment or the Tutor could have focused on their own studies.
  • Frequent cancellations and no-shows may jeopardize a students ability to use Tutoring services.

Contact for any questions related to Tutoring.

*Indicates that Supplemental Instruction (SI) is available for the course. SI is two weekly group study sessions led by an experienced peer. For more information, contact


ACC 200 - Intro to Accounting 

ACC 207 - Intro to Financial Accounting * 

ACC 208 - Intro to Managerial Accounting * 

ACC 305 - Intermediate Financial Accounting I *


BIO 101 - Life, Environment, & Society 

BIO 151 - Concepts of Biology I *

BIO 152 - Concepts of Biology II *

BIO 312 - General Genetics


CHM 123 & CHM 124 - General Chemistry * 

CHM 313 & CHM 314 - Organic Chemistry *

Decision Sciences 

DSC 210 - Statistics for Business I

DSC 211 - Statistics for Business II

Economics & Finance 

ECO 203 - Principles of Microeconomics *

ECO 204 - Principles of Macroeconomics 

FIN 301 - Intro to Financial Management 


EGR 201 - Engineering Mechanics *

EGR 202 - Engineering Thermodynamics

MCT 110L - Technical Drawing & CAD Laboratory

MEE 114L - Solid Modeling in Design


FRN 101 - Basic Proficiency French I 

FRN 131 - Intensive Fundamental French

FRN 14 - Basic Proficiency French II

FRN 201 -Intermediate French I 


HST 103 -  Introduction to Global Historical Studies

PHL 103 - Introduction to Philosophy 

REL 103 - Introduction to Religious and Theological Studies

Intergrated Sciences

SCI 190 - The Physical Universe


MTH 114 - Contemporary Math *

MTH 116 - Precalculus *

MTH 128 - Finite Mathematics * 

MTH 129 - Calculus for Business *

MTH 148 - Introductory Calculus I

MTH 149 - Introductory Calculus II 

MTH 168 - Analytic Geometry & Calculus I

MTH 169 - Analytic Geometry & Calculus II

MTH 207 - Introduction to Statistics *

MTH 218 -  Analytic Geometry & Calculus III

MTH 219 - Applied Differential Equations


PHY 201 - College Physics I *

PHY 202 - College Physics II *

PHY 206 - General Physics I - Mechanics

PHY 207 - General Physics II - Electricity & Magnetism


PSY 101 - Introductory Psychology  

PSY 216 - Elementary Statistics 


SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology


SPN 101 - Basic Proficiency in Spanish

SPN 131 - Intensive Fundamental Spanish

SPN 141 - Basic Proficiency in Spanish 

SPN 201 - Intermediate Spanish I

SPN 202 - Intermediate Spanish II




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