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Student Success and Persistence Team Membership

Student Success and Persistence Team

2020-21 Student Success and Persistence Team

Merida Allen, Associate Dean of Students, Executive Director of Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

Amy Anderson, Associate Provost, Global and Intercultural Affairs

Mary Lou Andrews, Assistant Dean, School of Education and Health Sciences

Deb Bickford, Associate Provost (Co-Chair)

Justin Keen, Director of Assessment and Student-Centered Analytics

Becki Lawhorn, Director of Student Success Strategies and Operations (Co-Chair)

Catherine Mix, Assistant Vice President; Director, Financial Aid

Maria Newland, Registrar

Cynthia Payne, Assistant Dean for Student Success, College of Arts and Sciences

Danielle Poe, Associate Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

Scott Segalewitz, Associate Dean, School of Engineering

Susan Sexton, Director of Institutional Reporting

Randy Sparks, Associate Dean, School of Business

Cari Wallace, AVP for Student Development

Kathy Webb, Dean, University Libraries

Aaron Witherspoon, Director of University Advising Initiatives and Student Success, Academic Affairs and Learning Initiatives


Communication Sub-Team

Merida Allen

Justin Keen

Becki Lawhorn

Kristi Cool

Megan McCarty

Randy Sparks (Convener) 

Cari Wallace

Kathy Webb

Data Collection and Analysis Sub-Team

Amy Anderson

Mark Austria

Emily Grasso

Lindsay Freed

Beth Hart

Tim Kao

Justin Keen (Convener, Chair)

Becki Lawhorn (Co-Chair)

Zachary Lewis

Susan Sexton

Aaron Witherspoon

Faculty and Staff Engagement Sub-Team

Deb Bickford (Convener)

Susan Brown

Becki Lawhorn

Michelle Pautz

Danielle Poe

David Wright

Student Success Network Steering Committee

Amanda Alexander

Mary Lou Andrews

Becki Lawhorn (Convener)

Scott Segalewitz

Sue Trainum

Aaron Witherspoon

First Generation Student Success Sub-Team

Amanda Alexander

Mary Lou Andrews

Becki Lawhorn

Zachary Lewis (Convener, Co-Chair)

Ieesha Ramsey (Co- Chair)

Scott Segalewitz

Aaron Witherspoon


Student Success and Persistence Team

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1302