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Student Success and Persistence Team

Purpose Statement

The Student Success and Persistence Team (SSPT) engages faculty, staff, and students in advancing the University of Dayton’s mission, systems, and practices to support student success, shaped by our Catholic and Marianist foundation.

Student success is conceptualized through the following dimensions:

  1. Academic Engagement
  2. Personal Development and Spiritual Formation
  3. Community Engagement
  4. Intercultural Engagement and Learning

The SSPT collaborates with campus partners to identify, implement, assess, and improve strategies incorporating holistic and innovative approaches to our students’ success.


One Student at a Time

We often talk and write about students as a collective, whether it is “UD students” or “the Class of 2022” or some other construct, but as we all know, this collective is made up of *individual* students, each one with hopes and dreams for their future, each one loved and encouraged by family and friends.

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Student Success

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