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Consider Using Name Coach to Promote Inclusion

The Student Success and Persistence (SSPT) team is pleased to share an important resource with you.  Name Coach is a platform that allows any member of the UD community to record the accurate pronunciation of their name.  Appropriate pronunciation of names can help promote diversity, equity and inclusion by helping people feel like they belong and improving rapport.  This can also be helpful in fostering student success.  

To find out more about how to use Name Coach, please find instructions here. 

We produced a short Name Coach video that you can use to introduce the software to your students. 

This video, Nivedhan: An Animated Short, is another great resource to highlight the importance of names. 

Sample ideas for use:

  • before a meeting, listen to name recordings if you are unsure of pronunciations
  • ask students you work with to record their name and to use the recordings to learn their peers names
  • share the Nivedhan video and have a discussion
  • talk within your work team to discuss ways you might use Name Coach
  • share the story of your name as an icebreaker and way to get to know each other 
  • remind students of the Name Coach recordings as a resource before and during group work

Please contact UDit at x93888 with any questions about using Name Coach.




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