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Record Retention Practices For Student Conduct

Record Retention Practices For Student Conduct

The University will maintain student disciplinary records

  1. to be in compliance with federal law, 
  2. for the purposes of institutional research and
  3. to be kept for purposes as institutional knowledge should the student choose to return to the UD community.

Such records will not be disclosed other than in compliance with the University’s Disclosure of Student Records Policy (also known as its FERPA Policy) and any applicable laws or regulations. Generally only findings of “Responsible” are reported to outside requesters (assuming a disclosure form has been signed by the student), depending on the nature of the outside request.

After 7 years from the date of the last incident, post-graduation, it is the practice of the University of Dayton to expunge (i.e., delete) all disciplinary records that did not result in suspension or expulsion. Student conduct files that include a case that ended in suspension or expulsion will be maintained indefinitely.

Lastly, this practice only applies to records held and maintained in the Office of Community Standards and Civility. Records held and maintained by the Department of Public Safety, Equity Compliance Office, Student Employment Office, etc., are subject to guidelines set by the University Record Retention Policy, the practices within those offices and state/federal law.

Record Retention Policy


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