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Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

Enhancing the Understanding Students Have of Themselves and Others

The Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center (MEC) provides staff, facilities, services and special programs to support the academic experience of students. Resources such as the online calendar, digital student planner, study tables, and cultural programs have been created to support the success of students of color and increase the cultural competency of all students. 


The Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center cultivates a diverse community where scholarship, identity development and education, values formation, and leadership are foundational to the holistic development of students.  In collaboration with campus and community partners, MEC supports the achievement of multi-ethnic students and assists in enhancing the cultural understanding that all UD students have of themselves and others through co-curricular experiences.


  • Academic Excellence
  • Family Spirit
  • Social Justice, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Faith/Marianist Charism
  • Learning and Development
  • Leadership


Meet the MEC Staff

Associate Dean of Students/Executive Director Multi-Ethnic Education and Engagement Center

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Director of Engagement and Belonging

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Engagement and Belonging Specialist

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Administrative Assistant

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Assistant Director of Multicultural and Multi-Ethnic Education

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Graduate Assistant

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