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Inclusive Excellence Scholar Residency

Inclusive Excellence Scholar Residency

Each academic year, The Office of Diversity and Inclusion welcomes a distinguished guest to campus for a multi-day series of events. The Inclusive Excellence Scholar Residency (IESR) assists the University of Dayton community to achieve a more robust integrated approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion that

  • builds on existing efforts across campus
  • operates in a strategic, evidenced-based and data-driven manner
  • underscores the importance of comprehensive outcomes assessments and strong accountability measures.

The overarching topic of each IESR lays a thematic foundation that shapes and informs diversity, equity and inclusion professional development and education opportunities for faculty, staff, and administrators for the academic year. 


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1626