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Inclusive Excellence Academy

Cultivating intercultural capacity for the Common Good

Rooted in the University of Dayton’s Catholic and Marianist conviction that every person has innate dignity because all people are made in the image and likeness of God, the Inclusive Excellence Academy learning series creates opportunities to familiarize faculty and staff with Inclusive Excellence.

Sessions increase intercultural knowledge and identity awareness and equip attendees with knowledge and skills to develop long-term, sustainable initiatives for the creation of inclusive learning and working spaces. 60-90 minute sessions provide engaging content and experiences for participants to personally connect with the topic and key learning outcomes. Workshop topics range from understanding cross-cultural interactions to creating inclusive classroom environments to understanding diversity, equity, and inclusion through a Catholic and Marianist lens.

The Inclusive Excellence Academy is organized in three levels: discover, apply, create. To know more about them, click here

Fall 2021: Towards inclusive spaces

Listening for Inclusion: Dialogue Facilitation Skills in your Everyday Conversations
Thursday, November 4 / APPLY / 9AM - Ku 207 / 1PM - Virtual

Key definitions: Inclusive climate, intergroup/intercultural competency.

In exchanges with students, employees, supervisors, alumni and guests, we face situations that require dialogue skills. Some of those conversations involve hearing perspectives different from ours. On some occasions, we need to dive into conversations about difficult, sensitive topics. Fortunately, there is a philosophy of dialogue and research on best practices to make the best out of a conversation in these situations. Join us for an introductory session on how to use dialogue principles to foster understanding and discover facilitation skills that you can apply to your everyday conversations. Register through the HR CE Portal.

Men’s Work in Gender Equity: From Self-Reflection to Action
wednesday, november 10 / apply / 9AM - KU 222 / 1PM - Virtual

Key definitions: Equity, inclusion, privilege, underserved populations.

This session focuses on men’s self-assessment about their own roles in perpetuating – even unknowingly – gender biases at work. Recognizing the ways that implicit biases blind individuals’ perceptions of inequities, in this session participants will engage in scenario-based activities that help them to identify barriers to gender equity in their own work environments. Based on these activities, participants will create plans for proactively disassembling gender inequities that they can share with other men in their departments. Register through the HR CE Portal.

Engaging Diverse Teams: Skills to Build Inclusion in the Workplace
Monday, November 15 / APPLY / 9AM & 1PM / 9AM - Ku 207 / 1PM - Virtual

Key definitions: Inclusive climate, equity, intergroup/intercultural competency.

Hidden and unspoken norms --also known as implicit curriculum-- can be challenging for members and supervisors to foster a climate of inclusion in teams and workplaces. Join us for a session that examines what diversity means and takes a deep dive on the characteristics and effects of invisible norms, values and traditions within a team. Facilitators will share specific skills for members and supervisors to account for and engage diversity in their teams. Register through the HR CE Portal.

What is the Flyers Plan for Community Excellence and Where is UD in its Strategic Planning for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?
wednesday, december 1 / discover / 9AM - Ku 222 / 1PM - Virtual

Key definitions: Inclusive Excellence, anti-racism/anti-racist policy, diversity, equity, inclusion.

The University of Dayton’s strategic plan for diversity, equity and inclusion is already underway. The roadmap for this initiative is outlined in the Flyers Plan for Community Excellence. All divisions and units on campus are designing purposeful strategies and initiatives that translate Inclusive Excellence into their missions, services and operations. Join us for a session in which facilitators will provide background information as well as a summary of the current state and actions being taken by the University in relation to its strategic planning for diversity, equity, and inclusion. This session will also provide ample time to answer any questions related to this process. Register through the HR CE Portal.


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Men of Color & Their Unique Needs: Strategies for Support, Engagement & Completion

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Overcoming Difficult Conversations: Exploring Your Intercultural Conflict Style 

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