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Institutional Bias Related Advisory Committee (IBRAC)

Creating an inclusive climate at the University of Dayton is everyone's responsibility. The Institutional Bias Related Advisory Committee (IBRAC) strives to provide consistent communication and accountability from the University in response to bias-related incidents.

IBRAC was launched following the collaborative campus response to the May 2019 white supremacy rally in the city of Dayton. Since then, IBRAC’s work has played an important role in UD’s efforts to respond to bias-related incidents that occur on the UD campus, in the greater Dayton region and in our state, nation and world. A group of key administrators and campus partners who represent diverse areas of the campus community convene when bias-related incidents are reported or observed to identify the appropriate institutional response. 

IBRAC was first convened by President Eric F. Spina to merge multiple bias review and response processes. IBRAC meets frequently and expeditiously to develop an institutional protocol to gather details, resources and form recommendations for response. Bias incidents are defined in the University’s Nondiscrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy as acts of conduct, speech or expression that target individuals or groups based on their actual or perceived membership in a protected class and cause that individual or group to feel targeted, or unwelcome.  

Bias-related incidents at the University are contrary to its mission and identity, and to the University’s Commitment to Community (C2C). Such incidents can harm individuals from historically underrepresented populations and damage the fabric of the University community. 

Through IBRAC, the University is better able to provide a more centralized, formalized response to bias-related incidents. 

The charge of IBRAC is to identify and monitor bias-related incidents and trends that impact the campus community, recommend whether an institutional response would be appropriate, engage those who should be involved, and develop a plan for a swift and meaningful response that aligns with and supports the ongoing work on diversity, equity and inclusion across campus. 

The committee’s recommendations and considerations are informed by a protocol of responses and menu of responses.

This group provides coordinated incident- and trend-driven consultation on incidents related to bias and hate. Generally, the committee will discuss three types of events: 
  1. High-profile incidents reported on campus through any source 
  2. Emerging patterns of behavior based on equity compliance complaints
  3. Societal events outside of the University that impact campus or identity groups directly and/or whose magnitude calls us to action.  

If a bias or hate related event occurs or trend emerges, the team will:
  • Conduct an evaluation of the incident/trend and its impact on campus members
  • Identify the community’s expectation of impactful action
  • Identify and recommend a possible and appropriate institutional response
  • Make recommendations on who will implement the response

To report a bias incident, please visit


Office of Diversity and Inclusion

St. Mary's Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1626