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The Greater West Dayton Conversations

The Greater West Dayton Conversations (GWDC)



Administered by University of Dayton’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI), the Greater West Dayton Conversation (GWDC) proposes an intentional and active engagement between the University of Dayton and its neighbors in the Greater West Dayton community and supports the University in its commitment to fostering a culture of learning that advances knowledge, embraces diversity, and promotes social justice. GWDC seeks to create a space for leaders who are impacted by, concerned with, and committed to creating stronger partnerships and dialogue between the University of Dayton and Greater West Dayton Community.


The goal of this initiative is to work together to reflect on the histories and current state of the City of Dayton–particularly the West side–to brainstorm approaches to define a path forward that is mutually beneficial for the University of Dayton and the Greater West Dayton community.

  • Facilitating opportunities to connect and build partnerships between emerging initiatives, programs and organizations in the Greater West Dayton Community and the University of Dayton community,
  • Identifying opportunities to provide intentional and critical college access to prospective University of Dayton students of color and historically underrepresented groups through culturally responsive and purposeful outreach, pathway programming, and student engagement, and
  • Attracting and retaining greater numbers of historically underrepresented populations into faculty, staff and administrative positions at the University of Dayton.
  • Providing a forum for learning and sharing innovative programs and best practices that enhance diversity and inclusion to create a sense of belonging. 

The GWDC Steering Committee

The GWDC is supported by a Steering Committee that serves as an advisory group and is responsible for the facilitation, governance, and advancement of initiatives and projects. Composed by community members of the City of Dayton, University staff and co-chaired by the Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion, the Steering Committee assures a strategic alignment of current and future projects as well as the identification of partners to assist with implementation. The Committee meets monthly and is responsible for:

  • Serving as a liaison between the Greater West Dayton community and UD leadership to ensure alignment of current and future projects recommended by the GWDC,
  • Coordinating, planning, and promoting community conversations between UD leadership and the Greater West Dayton community, and
  • Providing regular updates on the progress of initiatives to the larger community.

GWDC  Membership 

Members of the Greater West Dayton Conversations include representatives from the public sector, business, neighborhood and campus community. Additional members are invited from across campus whose expertise or role supports the work of the group. 

The Greater West Dayton Incubator

One of the most notable contributions of the GWDC is the creation of the Greater West Dayton Incubator (GWDI) in 2020.

The GWDI materializes a reciprocal relationship that can benefit all stakeholders equitably and serves as a catalyst for the creation of generational wealth and inclusive economies in Greater West Dayton. It also allows University of Dayton students to take part in experiential learning opportunities that prepare them to succeed in a diverse, multicultural and multilingual workforce and society. 

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