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Reading at Roesch III

By Scott West

It has been some time since the last edition of Reading at Roesch, so there is much to discuss.  I will try to be somewhat consistent and identify the bestselling books currently in the collection as well as award-winning titles now available to readers. Finally, I will share an offer for potential book reviewers.


Bestselling books are a high priority for the leisure reading collection. Here’s just a sampling from the Feb. 15 New York Times bestsellers:

This is definitely a good mix of titles. Some have carved themselves a pretty good spot on the list as they continue to draw an audience.  

Award Winners

The number of award-winning books newly available is pretty large but worth considering:

Sorry for the volume there. It has been too long since I wrote. You have lots of possibilities across a broad spectrum of genres, themes, and forms.

Would you like to review books before they are published?

I have been able to acquire advance reader copies (ARCs) from publishers and anticipate receiving more in the future. I want to put these books in your hands for free. The catch is that the publishers would like some sort of review posted online. This can be on familiar sites such as Amazon or Goodreads but can also be on less familiar resources like Edelweiss and Netgalley. Any location is acceptable as the program is about building conversation around the book(s).

The reviews do not have to be fancy. Some sites like a rating of some sort. The review does not have to be positive. In fact, I think publishers want to know negatives before the book hits bookstores for real. If you really love the book, you are welcome to keep it or pass it on to another prospective reader. If you want to return it, that is good too. I may ask for a copy of your review if you do so. The only requirement is that you must be living or working on campus. 

Here is what is available right now (including a link to Amazon for some further information):

If you are interested in any of these books, please contact me by email. If the book is still available, I will have it waiting for you at the Hello Desk at Roesch Library.

Borrow, Read, Return, Repeat

UD faculty, staff and students can borrow any of these books using their UD ID. Alumni living in Ohio can receive a free annual borrowing card. If you’re not local, look some of these titles up in your library’s catalog.

— Scott N. West is a collections specialist in the University Libraries.

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