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Faith/Mission November 29, 2023
What Is a Nativity Set?

Learn about a tradition that helps people to imagine the birth of Christ.

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Faith/Mission October 29, 2023
Double Trouble

A book curse is only one sign of a book’s spiritual and material value to its owners.

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Libraries October 27, 2023
Archives Month 2023: Taking a Second Look

A collection on woodcut printmaking offers a multitude of interpretations and insights.

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Libraries October 16, 2023
Sharing Glad ‘Tidings’

As the Marian Library celebrates 80 years, it turns the tide with a new name for its annual publication.

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Libraries October 11, 2023
History As It Happens

Artwork and exhibit materials provide the experience of history in action for political science students. 

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Libraries October 09, 2023
Marianist Origins for October

The Marian Library’s rare book collection sheds light on the Marianist story and Spanish devotion.

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Faith/Mission October 02, 2023
St. Francis, Pope Francis, Nativities, and the Natural World

This year’s Christmas exhibit, Nativities and the Natural World, will celebrate the 800th anniversary of St. Francis’ first Nativity scene and connect St. Francis’ love of nature with Laudato si’.

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Libraries September 25, 2023
The Joys of Archival Surprises

Marian Library Resident Scholar Fellowship recipient Hsuan Tsen explores the works of a noted artist and discovers Marian representations in many other media.

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Libraries September 18, 2023
Going Deeper

Fellowship honoree delves into philosophical theology, St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Louis de Montfort and the nature of Marian icons.

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Faith/Mission September 07, 2023
Nursing Madonnas: Treasured Images of Tender Care

Images of the Blessed Mother nursing the infant Christ first appear in the Americas in the early 1500s. Learn more and see a selection items from the Marian Library's collections.


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