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One Day to Remember

By Ione Damasco

April 9 is One Day, One Dayton, the University of Dayton's sixth annual giving day. This exciting campaign provides the University Libraries a major opportunity to invite people to learn about what we do and raise funds for our most timely and in-demand projects that will best address the needs of students. 

Gifts to the Libraries Excellence Fund on or before April 9 will help us:

  • Expand student learning opportunities with our uniquely UD and Catholic collections.
  • Enhance student wellness amenities and opportunities in the Libraries.
  • Preserve historical UD publications like the Flyer News.

Last year, 7,499 donors (including 141 donors to Libraries) cast their vote of confidence in UD as part of One Day, One Dayton. Thanks to the more than $24,000 donated to the Libraries Excellence Fund, we digitized more than a decade’s worth of the Flyer News and funded projects such as:

Facilitating experiential learning with a new book arts collection in the Libraries, featuring works by world-famous artists whose art is the books themselves.

students, artists and faculty members pose in an exhibit of artists booksPodcasting Kit

Enhancing tech for takeout, including new podcasting and video production kits available for borrowing to support projects that go beyond writing papers.

A gift of any size to the Libraries’ Excellence Fund can make a difference in a student’s life at UD. Make your plan to give early or on April 9 at the One Day, One Dayton website. Thank you for considering a gift. 


— Ione Damasco is interim dean of the University Libraries.

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