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Libraries April 25, 2023
‘More to the Story’

For National Library Week April 23-29, the University Libraries share some ways they contribute to UD's never-ending story with innovative collections, services, spaces and programs.

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Libraries April 06, 2023
Everybody Stay Calm!
Students studying in Roesch Library will enjoy “The Office”-inspired events and services.
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Libraries March 29, 2023
One Day’s Difference
Donors who back library initiatives streamline student learning and access.
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Libraries March 28, 2023
2023 Library Awards
The Libraries honor junior Iyana Higgins, senior Tori Miller and graduate student Sabin Satheesh with the 2023 Library Awards.
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Libraries March 21, 2023
UD in Print … Online

What was student life like in the 1950s, '60s and '70s? Recently digitized student newspapers will take you there. 

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Campus and Community March 09, 2023
Lent, Ramadan, Passover Intersect
Observers of Lent, Ramadan and Passover demonstrate the religious diversity of the University of Dayton community.
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Libraries February 28, 2023
E is for Everyone
Librarian Zachary Lewis helped select 82 inaugural titles to establish OhioLINK’s diversity, equity, and inclusion e-book collection.
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Libraries February 23, 2023
Eat Food. Not Too Much. Mostly Plants.

Camila Sánchez-González '23 reflects on one of the new sustainability-themed titles in the leisure reading collection. She shares what she thinks about the book, the history behind “healthy eating” and more book recommendations. 

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Libraries February 22, 2023
Before the Shelf
OhioLINK Luminaries intern Camila Sánchez-González '23 shares her experiences behind the scenes at Roesch Library.
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Libraries February 02, 2023
Midterm Cheer
Therapy dogs, free coffee, snacks and crafts will make midterms feel less mid.
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