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Libraries January 03, 2023
5 Ways to Honor Martin Luther King Jr.
Library staff member Kevin Cretsos shares five ways anyone can honor the life and work of Martin Luther King Jr.
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Libraries December 14, 2022
Hidden History

OhioLINK Luminaries intern Camila Sánchez-González '23 shares her experiences working at the University of Dayton Archives and touches upon her new admiration for history and the importance of telling other people's stories.  

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Libraries December 13, 2022
Congratulations, Library Graduates
The University Libraries honor, thank and congratulate our student staff who will graduate at winter commencement.


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Libraries December 12, 2022
Working to Be Seen and Heard
Camila Sánchez-González '23 goes through the University Archives and finds women's voices in the history of UD. In her research through student-run publications and other sources, she learns just how women were seen and heard during the 1960s.
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Campus and Community December 09, 2022
Housing the ‘Coeds’
Camila Sánchez-González, Class of 2023, gives an insight into housing on and off campus for women during the 1950s and 1960s. Here she explains the struggles faced within the coeducational student body and whether these voices were given the space they deserved on campus.
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Libraries December 06, 2022
Diane Shoemaker, Editor

While researching student publications, Camila Sánchez-González '23 wanted to learn about who was behind the coverage about coeducational rights. Here she explains who Diane Shoemaker is, why she is important, things she did and her voice within the UD student newspaper.

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Libraries December 05, 2022
Sensory Solutions to the Seasonal Blues

Zen Den creator Melanie Fields provides helpful design tips on how to transform your living spaces and minimize the effects of seasonal affective disorder through the practice of multisensory design.

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Libraries November 28, 2022
Finals Week: Roesch Library Style(s)
We have a set list of services and resources to make finals week golden for University of Dayton students.
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Libraries November 21, 2022
Climate Research: Metrics, Ethics
If you're looking for another reason to publish open access (OA), consider climate change. While increased citations aren't a guarantee, open-access publications do reach larger audiences.
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Libraries November 15, 2022
What to Wear
The book 'Clothing Matters' by Emma Taro, available at Roesch Library, looks at culture through clothing tradition and choice.
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